Thành phố nào làm bạn ngạc nhiên đến mức bạn muốn ở lại lâu hơn?


Xin chào từ khách du lịch tại thành phố Trieste! Chúng tôi chỉ ở đây khi ở lại trên đường đến Slovenia và thực sự yêu thành phố và ước chúng tôi ở lại đây …


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  1. Although I may only travel for a month or so every year, I do consider myself a travel-lover. Still, one city that I found I needed more time in was Salzburg. I was there for three days, loved it and wished I stayed for a little bit longer!

  2. Mine isn’t a city but a whole country. We went to Portugal last year, and it was more beautiful than I ever imagined, and the people were extraordinarily friendly and welcoming. As an extra bonus, it was inexpensive. We are talking about going again as soon as we can.

  3. I don't know about a city but there's a region I wish I could stay longer : the Algarve coast in Portugal. We stayed only 2 days but it is clearly not enough because this region is so beautiful, fun and fascinating. It should be given at least 3 days. I would even say it makes a great week-long getaway and to explore, I highly recommend renting a car there. 🙂

  4. Luxembourg. I stayed overnight to catch the Memorial Day honors at the Luxembourg-American Cemetery where General Patton, William McGee, and 5,071 additional soldiers are buried. I was to move on to Haguenau later that day then on to Stuttgart. Two other cities I wished I would have spent more time in.

  5. Man, my list is so long, but here I go (in no particular order)…
    Japan (so much history), Belfast, Beaune, Tofino, Pentiction/Okanagan valley (although I am looking into buying property), Montevideo, Santiago (Chile), San Francisco and Mosel region in Germany.

  6. Białystok, Poland. My family lives there but last time i was there was over 10 years ago. It’s so beautiful and the buildings have a wonderful look to them. the nature is also amazing

  7. Taipei, Taiwan or Taiwan in general. The food and nature is amazing and very cheap country as the dollar goes a longer way compared to other Tiger Asia countries like Hong Kong and Korea. I only stayed 6 days but wish I stayed longer to experience other cities in Taiwan like Kaohsiung or Hualien

  8. York, England! Loved it so much, we stayed an extra night! Also, Gdansk, Poland! So much to see there, we never made it to the neighboring two cities! Also, the newer WWII museum there (didn’t have time for) is said to be the best and biggest in the world now.

  9. Zaragoza City, Northern Spain and Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece. Both places will make you yearn for more time when you go to them. I will be living permanently in either Zaragoza Ciudad of Corfu (Kerkira) Town, or die trying!

  10. Rapid City, SD and the Black Hills. Our family enjoys it so much, we are making our fourth trip this summer. I find it hard to believe you have not done a video on it! Let me know if you go and need any tips.

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