Ái chà! Simon Cowell đã Ansley đốt cháy Sing Aretha Twice, She Nails It! – Tài năng của Mỹ năm 2019


Simon Cowell yêu cầu ca sĩ hát một cappella và cô ấy đã làm một công việc đáng kinh ngạc! »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng của Mỹ: http: //bit.ly/AGTAppD Download …


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  1. How did she do that? If you put that kind of pressure on a grown adult they would fold and crash. But, the heart wants what the heart wants and, for this little girl, she wants to sing, no matter what mountain she has to climb or sea she has to cross. Absolutely Amazing!

  2. she has all the confidence in the world, she was nervous but it didn't show.. and she was having fun up there.. shes way more social and confident than i am and im 30 years old.. lol.

  3. That girl has nerves of steel! Requesting her to sing without background music would have been the end of many adults. This girl handled herself perfectly. It shows us the strength of the love and support from her family to raise such a brave child. Kudos to them all.

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