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Một cái nhìn lén độc quyền trong ba mươi giây đầu tiên của podcast mới rất được mong đợi của Barack Obama. #Colbert #LSSC #Obama Đăng ký "Cuối …


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  1. Oh the days where we had a leader of our country who could speak the English language and was deliberate on how he worded things. Now we have a literal moron who talks like a toddler just learning the language and seems to have about a dozen or so words in his vocabulary.

    I could sit and watch Obama do a Town Hall meeting a dozen times and enjoy every minute of how awesome he was at taking questions on the fly. I to this day still go back on Youtube here and look up Town Halls just to hear him speak.

    How many Town Halls has the buffoon done? He struggles with reading from a teleprompter and once he goes off script it's just a total sh*t show of rambling. He's totally inept and has almost zero knowledge of just about everything. A total embarrassment to this country and the office he holds.

    I want someone to pressure him into a Town Hall with no teleprompter and no earpiece… and let him field question from people about basic issues in our country and worldwide. Dollar to donuts he'll ramble on after each question, yet not ever really give a true answer to a majority.

    Though I would have my popcorn ready for the comedy show that would ensue.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, truly the King of democracy is back😎🤩his pause and wisdom in his words makes you think hopeful, peaceful and calm🥰 like a good father who is there for you and says it is going to be alright we will make it through this don’t lose hope and brings smile back to your face 🥰 ✌🏻❤️

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