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Đảo Vancouver – một nơi có vẻ đẹp tự nhiên đầy cảm hứng. Trong video này, khám phá lý do tại sao hợp nhất lịch sử và phong cảnh bờ biển gồ ghề …


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  1. I request to everyone round the globe…please Subscribe to this channel and watch its extraordinary videos…they are so relaxing and peaceful to our mind…Expedia people are really working hard to show us the whole world and we could see the world by sitting at one place…their picturization and music for each and every video is something extraordinary, beautiful, excellent, amazing and awesome.

  2. Vancouver Island is better than I thought. Expedia remains the best tourism channel on Youtube and the music along side the vocals are really soothing and second to non.

    Dear Expedia, please upload more videos as I seem to have watched all of your videos yet apart from the shorter clips. I'm in love with this channel

  3. (1) It is not called the "Parliament Building" (that would be the federal counter-part in Ottawa) — it is called the "Provincial Legislature" or simply the "The Legislature"; (2)It's pronounced "COW-I-chun", and "Saa-nich" (if you say it like the narrator in this video, nobody will understand what the Hell you are talking about); and (3) They forgot to mention the joys of stepping over the homeless, drug-addicted, panhandlers who are everywhere in downtown Victoria.

  4. There’s a lot more to explore on Vancouver Island than just the places mentioned.

    Duncan is known for its totem poles and First Nations’ heritage

    Chemainus has amazing murals all over

    Campbell River is worth checking too before heading to the outer islands of Quadra and Cortes

    Don’t forget the wild Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, just south of Ucluelet where you will find incredible animals from land to underwater and the sky!

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