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Nhà thờ và lâu đài tráng lệ của Krakow là minh chứng cho lịch sử chính trị hỗn loạn của Ba Lan cũng như những thành tựu của nó trong nghệ thuật, …


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  1. As a native, let me give you a tip: Kraków has many different monuments and sites worth seeing, but by far the city's most valuable aspect is its unique atmosphere. If you come for a visit, remember one thing: don't rush. Stroll around, grab a bagel, enjoy a cold beer or hot grzaniec – and the let the centuries of history, tradition and culture sink in. At times even locals are surprised at the amount of hidden beauty within the city.

  2. Imagine being here, browsing during the day and relaxing in the evening to listen to great classical music performing by an orchestra in the city square…life’s best!!!👍🏻

  3. Beautiful architecture all around makes this a great place to appreciate history. It's amazing that these structures are able to withstand so many devastation in the past. But that head sculpture, is there a history behind it? Looks very peculiar. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

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