Ai là người cao nhất châu Âu?


Tôi cho rằng có những người cao hơn tôi ở châu Âu ngay bây giờ, nhưng không ai chỉ bước ra khỏi thang máy cao hơn tôi. Tham gia bởi địa phương …


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  1. We were at Grindelwald in April. They were showing us videos of this odd shoveling scavenger hunt they do. I know you like the locals cultural festivals and such and this is probably a good example of this. It’s also a good way to show people how the off season offers some value (it’s cheaper) and chance to get more into the local events that aren’t so much for the tourist as they are to keep up the spirits of the locals. Just an idea from a humble viewer, fan, and new travel agent for teachers and other educators

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