Normandy – 5 tình yêu và sự ghét bỏ khi đến thăm Normandy, Pháp


Điều tốt nhất và tồi tệ nhất khi đến thăm Normandy, Pháp. Những gì bạn nên xem và tận hưởng khi đến Normandie. Normandy nổi tiếng với những bãi biển D-Day và …


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  1. AWESOME, as always. I a specially loved the suggestion of asking your "Garson" for meal choices. Though some Restaux, Bistros or Brasseries will offer the expected regional fair, some out-of-the-way establishments may have what is referred to as "fait maison", where the food preparation will consist of fresh, seasonal ingredients, giving you a true regional experience. One rule of thump is to look for a menu that is written on a chalkboard as opposed to a multi paged printed menu. Or, simply look for, or ask about "fait maison". Enjoy!

  2. I had very similar experience visiting Normandy last year. I thought the parking at St. Michael was not bad at all and we visited there in August. The abbey is spectacular. The Normandy beaches are great places to learn about the heroism of the soldiers. Both places must see in France. Indeed poeple in Normandy are very friendly and helpful.

  3. Imagine this guy turning into the most pretentious, hostile person right after the camera turns off; Would be hilarious in a way. Because his persona on these videos is so likeable anbd you don't know if or how much of it is staged. I know he probably is like this but it is striking.

  4. I'm French, born and raised in in Normandy. You managed to encapsulate Normandy under 15 minutes. You do the place justice! I like Normandy and its landmarks very much but what I like most is seeing, hearing, getting to meet nice people like you coming from the world over. That is what Normandy has got best. Thank you so much for your witty suggestions and also the 5 hates, those are real issues. Those sound pieces of advice will truly help our fellow travelers be more prepared. Merci beaucoup. Warm regards to you, your beautiful family and to everybody who has made and will make the trip. I wish I could meet you all. Greetings to America, England, Canada and all the English speaking countries from Normandy. Heart felt thank you on this June 6 2019. We love you

  5. Been there twice and I always discover something new.
    There Is always something to see.

    and yes i live in denmark and my car has nothing of notable equipment except for floor mats and a bluetooth radio.
    But It's a Renault Twingo II and so far no problems. Not even rust.

    Even manage about 19 kilometers pr liter UL95 in the tank from door to door

  6. Great tips! While my wife and I were able to get by without knowing Italian in Rome, we found that her being able to speak some French was almost necessary in some of the towns we visited in France. Great people and country to visit!

  7. Fantastic video and I so agree with you about this part of France getting into your soul a bit more than other parts of France. I go to Normandy in June most years (but alas not this year!) and I think it's a pretty good time of year to go. The number of tourists is not actually that bad. There is one major piece of advice I would give to anyone going to any part of France though: don't go in August. I made this mistake once and regretted it. France is closed in August. Seriously, the entire country is closed.

  8. we stayed in Paris most of the time, but made a day trip to Mont St. Michel in April. Where were not too many tourist, most of them was children groups. If you gonna go to Michel, look up at tade waves by day and time, because where is tome, when the water is so high, that you can't go to the monastery. Also, i got engaged in these quick sands, and it was perfect ^^ Much better place for proposals than Paris, because it is not cheese 🙂

  9. I was in France for almost a month last year for genealogy research and of all the regions I visited, Normandy was my least favorite. The pollution was horrible! I stayed in the village of La Remuee, which appeared to be rural (it wasn't really)? Honfleur was a pretty little town but touristy. Rouen had a rough vibe around the train station so I ended up just waiting inside to catch a train to Paris. Paris was amazing though and I'm ready to go back.

  10. I've only been to Paris, but I love history. War history is my favorite subject!!! I must visit Normandy as I would love to pay my respects to the brave American service members who sacrifice their lives to protect freedom!!! Thank you for this informative video!!!

  11. I truly enjoyed my last visit to Normandie which included the port of Saint Malo, I cannot forget the sights of Mont Saint Michel and especially the food at La Mere Poulard. A bientot Normandie!

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