Này, các bạn! (XEM TẠI HD) TÔI HOÀN TOÀN KIẾM ĐƯỢC SAU EST TRONG VIDEO CỦA TÔI !!! UGHHH Cafecito Con Kathleen phát sóng vào thứ Năm hàng tuần lúc 9 giờ tối EST bắt đầu …


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  1. Hey, guys! Please watch THE ENTIRE VIDEO before commenting!!!!! Thank you guys for your continued support over the years. I love you! (Also- I forgot to say EST in my video! It’s every other Thursday at 9PM EST!!!)

  2. I think it sounds pretty fair, it's like having a magazine where you would have to pay for full content. I don't know why people are freaking out. Don't like it, don't join.

  3. I'm terribly late to be commenting, but I read many, many of the comments, and ALL of this just my heart sadder and sadder. The comments aren't even nasty or hating… I just hear… disappointment in everyone’s voice. I think no one expected something like this from you, Kathleen. It's totally out of your character; that's why I wonder if Youtube has approached you to do this, to maybe start testing the waters because this is where YouTube is trying to head anyway. It's sad. We're all a little sad, I think. But, I hope all the best for you, and I will always continue to support all your other collabs, KL Polish, and your merch., etc. I love you to death❣️❣️

  4. $5 X 4M subscribers (if everyone subscribes to the membership) = $20 million a month. For a few exclusive videos?!?! $20 million x 12 months = $240 million a year. I know no one is being forced but… well, to each his/her own.

  5. YT is essentially copying what a Korean app, V Live has been doing. The app is free and Korean artists post a ton of free content. But, they have a premium channel where they post additional content for a fee.

  6. Everyone calling her greedy BLOWS my mind. I was so excited to hear that Kathleen is trying something that she seems so excited about. I have no intention of purchasing a membership, but that doesn’t mean I don’t support Kathleen and DEFINITELY not going to talk trash for trying something new! I truly hope y’all become at peace with whatever has you so bothered in life. If you can’t be supportive, then keep it positive and keep it pushin.

  7. I support you in whatever you decide to do with your career: collabs, polish, and even this. I feel like so many people don't want this out of fear of YT making everything have a price and that you'll change, and also because there's so many subscriptions people are almost forced to get because of the age we're in due to low prices and what not(streaming instead of cable for example, I mean look Disney is now coming out with their own streaming service, DC Universe, etc. Soon all companies will want their own streaming service and taking our money). I also feel like a lot of people don't understand though how much is put into just a single vid (fellow YouTubers here, extremely small art channel), they're in front of the screen, not behind the camera, so maybe some people don't understand how this career works. I sacrifice so much to make my career happen and I'm not even halfway there yet. I feel like I give and give and only get a small step in return. You've grown and are very successful, you should feel like you want to expand and do whatever makes you happy in your career, just as long as you're not harming anyone. I support so many fellow artists, writers, YouTubers work whenever I can. Do what makes you happy and grow in your life and career. 😊💙

  8. We can support her as we want. Somebody wants to buy a subsciption; somebody prefers to buy her makeup; somebody does nothing. All forms are ok. It is not an obligation, guys. Me personally, I will not buy a subscription, but I am not mad that she made this option. It is her channel, and she play with it as she wants 🙂 I can take it or not, my choice, but why to be angry?

    I think people became so demanding… She posts tones of awesome content so often we can watch for free, and suddenly everybody is dissapointed because she proposes paid extra content. It is something extra. Do not be greedy, people 😀

  9. Hi Kathleen I'd love to whach the show but it's 3 am in Spain :'( I can't pay for this… but I have amost all your collabs. I hope that at least your channel remains the same.
    PS: I'm sorry to hear about KL polish, I wanted to try them but I had not been able to yet

  10. Hey girl, keep trying new things and pushing yourself creatively! Although I don't have at lot of time to watch extra vids and what not I'm happy for you. Thank you for not pressuring your subscribers. Keep on keeping on!

  11. I’m pretty surprised at the comments… my thought while watching this was yes! I would love to support her and help her grow her business, PLUS I get to see more content from her, IM IN! I certainly don’t have huge amounts of money by any means but what I do have I would love to spend helping support others I believe in. This her career, her lively hood, her passion, and her dream, it doesn’t matter nor is it your business how successful she is with it, if anything that should drive you to be more supportive not put her down for her successes and make her feel like she should be ashamed. Majority of you have jobs and careers just like her, and for all of you the goal is to continue rising and continue growing within that field, not be complacent, that’s all that she is doing here and she should never feel shamed for that.

  12. Love your Chanel and your content, but I cant support this. For me, this is not what YouTube is about. There are other ways of making money with your same concept. I just dont support the idea of changing the essence of what YouTube is for most of us: a safe place where we can just let loose and destress. Will keep supporting the channel like I have for years, no membership.

  13. I just don’t understand this membership. I think it’s just an extra way for YouTube and the creators to make extra cash, which they already make enough just by regular YouTube alone. Like, you mean to tell me I pay money just to see some “behind the scenes” and to get special emojis? Sorry, but no thanks. I really love you and you’re videos Kathleen, but something doesn’t sit right. Other youtubers make great quality videos, like you described, on regular YouTube so why can’t you do the same for us? It’s one thing to make extra cash, but this just doesn’t seem fair for those who can’t afford it but love watching you. Just my two cents 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. If I wanted to watch professionally done shows I’d watch television. I pay enough for cable and won’t pay for YouTube videos. YouTube is suppose to be all about YOU not what a production team makes you be. I think most people like YouTube because it’s regular people not Hollywood style home made videos.

  15. First of all, I can absolutely understand if you dont want to become a member. But I think there are things that most people did not understand:

    1. Nothing is going to change for you if you dont become a member! So if you dont want to or cant afford that, you have literally no problem.

    2. The reason why Kathleen and other youtubers offer the opportunity of a membership you have to pay for isnt because they want more money. Its probably to pay the production of this extra content. As she said there is a whole crew involved and they need to be paid just as anybody else.

    So I think we should all just be happy for Kathleen that she gets to try this new thing and we should not blame her for anything just because this thing is something not everybody likes.

  16. I already pay for youtube red I’m not subscribing to every youtuber I like. Influencers are already so overpaid as it is. Is the money from companies, collabs, sponsors, youtube in general, and every other social media platform y’all get paid for promoting shit on. I love you and so many yotubers who are also doing this, but I’m not a money machine. I’d understand if youtube was taking away Adsense completely. If y’all stopped making money the regular way on youtube I could understand, but as it stands, it just seems like youtubers who already have way too much money handed to them, trying to make even more money. I give my money by supporting products and sponsorships, why is that not enough?

  17. So you are starting a new show on YouTube Red? That sounds pretty cool although i don't think you did a good job explaining it. A subscription to YouTube red isn't the same as a membership and you're allowed to have personal, entrepreneurial and creative endeavors. Looking forward to it!

  18. I guess YT started earning less money 🧐and that’s why it started selling more contents 💩. We soon approach the time when each person will pay a daily fee for air he/she breathed yesterday.

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