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Này, các bạn! (XEM IN HD) Những gì tôi đang mặc: Áo khoác Jean: Hoa tai Brandy Melville: MyPieces Boutique Face: Maybelline Fit Me Che khuyết điểm trong 10 & 15, …


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  1. I enjoy you so much that I'm not satisfied enough by just watching your new videos that come up xD soo I find myself watching videos from 2014 and later xD well I guess I watch youtube all day too haha. Strange how you grew older in just a year compared to your videos in 2014..not that you look old or anything but one can see you look more mature? or something xD I'm really bumped that I live in Germany and can't buy products from the US that easily. I would love to support you by buying your nailpolish or your collabs…maaan I want your dream st palette so badly 🙁 anyone knows how high those import taxes are?

  2. Dear Kathleen, I hear that mandolins are really good at cutting vegetables! You might want to look into purchasing one. 😂🤚🏻(Seriously those things can take off a tip of a finger easy peasy, so watch out!)

  3. It’s so funny to watch you answering the question of your on Make-up line with like … ya maybe one Time but have Not Plan anything … and 2 years later you have your own polish! Love you .. atm watching all your old Videos 😍😅

  4. I scrolled all the way down here cause i saw the last video you posted (July 2017) and i know from your way of talking you were Cuban, so i scrolled cause I knew you would mention it in a Q&A (or at least i hoped someone would ask) AND I WAS RIGHT! I swear Cubans can spot another Cuban anywhere! love ur videos!

  5. Watching this in 2017.. So crazy my parents arrived from Cuba the same way. My grandfather had to cut sugarcane for years and then came during El Mariel. My parents were already married. They were 20 & 17. Maybe our parents were together during that.. insane!!

  6. Get the cool lime refresher with coconut milk from starbucks! i went on like a health rampage during summer and its absolutely phenomenal, no guilt when drinking it, super tasty and its like summer in your mouth, AH

  7. My fellow Cubanitaaa! My mother came to the States on a plane and my grandfather had to pick sugar cane, too. My father is also a Marielito. Crazy how I just happened to stumble upon your channel and learn that we have this in common!

  8. I think you should get into show business rather than make up line honey! I totally see you beside Ellen Degeneres ❤️❤️❤️you're funny you're inspiring you're like pain killer for me 😄 that's how positive you are to me 😘 love u from Germany 🙌❤️

  9. Personally I think Kathleen is the definition of beauty, not only is she naturally so pretty she has such a pure soul and i have yet to disagree with anything she has ever said. Also her hair and eyebrows get me out of bed some morning, ugh perfection.

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