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  1. im reading your comments and i just want to say thank you for sharing your experiences!! im seeing similar side effects in certain methods and it’s so so important to be made aware of these possibilities when putting substances in your body. no body is the same, and no experience is the same but our conversations help us as women make more educated decisions with our own bodies! we live in a world where there is so much stigma and silence when it comes to sexual health but in the end it is WOMENS HEALTH. take care of yourselves ladies ❤️❤️ love you!!!!

  2. I highly recommend you try the IUD again, the pain shouldn't be as bad the second time getting it since you already know what to expect. It's also recommended you get it inserted while you're on your period because your cervix is naturally a little open so it's easier to get it inserted. I also recommend going to a sexual health clinic like Planned Parenthood where they do dozens of insertions a week so they know what they're doing. I got my IUD at Planned Parenthood and I literally did not feel a thing.

  3. What are you planning on taking next? I stopped taking hormonal stuff. It's not natural.. We should embrace our female side. Sometimes periods. And I think you will get better on this.. Your body has changed since you were 12 that was the start of your puperty! Of course your body is confused and does crazy things.. I love you thankyou for sharing that!

  4. okay same!! I have nexplanon rn and I just finished my 2nd out of 3rd year…. I was so excited to get it bc my doctor told me that since I'm so small I would most likely not get my period which would help with 1. not getting severe cramps and 2. contraception. I noticed that I was just spotting almost every single day. and then one day I noticed a HUGE bruise on my arm where the implant was, and at that time I had a super bad period with cramps for 2 months straight. my hormones were all out of wack, I was seriously like a monster. so I thought my implant broke, so I went to the doctor to get it checked. they said that it was fine, and that my blood levels were fine, so basically the bruising and the bleeding had no explanation and that it was "normal" that that happened. since then my skin has been really nice, but my hormones are crazy, my periods are irregular, and I have gained a ton of weight!! I wish that the implant worked for me but it's just been terrible :/ I can't swallow pills, and I'm terrified of the IUD bc I've heard so many horror stories so I'm not too sure what my next plan is. all I know is I gotta get this thing out of my arm soon

  5. I had nexplanon and a week after I got it I bleed my Dr said that's normal, I wanna say I went a month before the spotting started. I was given an additional birth control because my body needed to adjust, the spotting stopped and I had periods those three months. Shortly after the spotting started again, it would stop for a second before starting again. That wasn't the only side effect, my headaches worsened and so did my acne.
    Vivian just a tip, I have the same problem when it comes to taking medication at the same time, get a small pill case set it by a clock and every day when you wake up, take your meds. Your good to go.

  6. I was on the pill for six months and it gave me the WORST depression. I went from all A’s and B’s the semester before to my grades going completely down the toilet because it was so bad. The depression and anxiety stuck with me for YEARS after that. Never again!

  7. I've been using birth control shots for over a year now and everything is good, no side effects for me, and I only use them once a month, it hurts when i get it but the pain goes away like in 3 days.

  8. I've had the arm implant just over 2 years now and I've also talked to other girls who had the same implant and constant spotting is definitely a thing that's real and annoying. However, after consulting my doctor, he put me on a low dosage of the pill that I took for a few months and now my constant bleeding has stopped. While the implant has it's cons, I do have to say that I personally like it over the pill, since I'm not good at taking it everyday, but I do want to try the IUD in the future.

  9. my most convenient and effective method was the birth control shot. typically you need to get it once every 90 days, but the effectiveness on it scared me because: you must get another shot between the 65-90 day period, anything before 65 days and your doctor will typically turn you away and say to wait, but after 90 days then you won’t be able to rely on that as an effective contraceptive for another month. I liked that it was a one and done shot four times a year, but it became difficult to work my schedule around so many visits to my OB so I went back to the pill.

    again i’m sure these days and time frames may vary with brands, I don’t recall what brand I was using.

  10. i’m paranoid about IUDs because uterine cancers run in my family, and i’ve heard many stories about them “getting lost” like you mentioned you were scared of, and causing infertility and all types of other issues

  11. Nexplanon made me gain 25 lbs.. now I can’t fit anything I own. My boobs got wayyyy bigger so I had to sell all of my old bras. I have 2 bras that fit me now. Ugh… what else lol.. ok I bled for like 4 months straight nonstop.. my depression got worse. 7 months down the road I’ve stopped bleeding, my hormones are normalizing out finally (it took a LONG time) and I’m feeling good. Occasionally I get this weird feeling in my left arm where my implant is and it makes me whole upper arm feel weird but maybe it’s just a mind thing lol. Wish you the best with your experience girl 💕✨

  12. I got the iud the 5 year one and the insertion was hell too. But I kept having those same cramps for days. If I remember well it takes 2 weeks i think for the medicine on the iud to start working and I took it out right at 2 weeks because the cramps never went away from me. It wasn’t worth it for me. I would never get that again lol

  13. I'm just curios. Doesn't not having periods at all increase the risk of complications like infertility. Since you've not been having periods for so long isn't it practically inducing menopause. I'm very confused. 🙁

  14. Thank you for making this video! I wish I had this video when I first got Nexplanon. I had the worst spotting and mood swings when I was on it. I kept it in for a year and a half in hopes of the side effects going away but it never lessened. The spotting occurred daily and I became anemic so I had to get it taken out. I hope things go well for you and that you find a birth control method that works for you!

  15. I just got the Mirena IUD put in ( I have a video about it )
    Also i was put to sleep for insertion!! so please ask if thats a possibility for you !
    and I'm praying this works for me because I've also had issues with my periods since i was 14.
    I also have chronic migraines which they now believe are hormonal related.

    and YESSS I'm so glad you mentioned vomiting and stuff on the pill cause people are like oh i took the pill everyday and i still got pregnant. and I'm like yes but did you take it at the same time, did you have ANY runny stools that would've made it work less and did you wait the 7-10 days again after till you had unprotected sex. It is so unlikely when you take it at the same time everyday and wait 7 days if you think anything disturbed the pill, even drinking too much when your stomach is upset can not break down the pill properly.

  16. OMG THAT AWKWARD STORY WITH YOUR MALE DOCTOR!! That is straight up CREEPY dude. Similar but not, I went to my pharmacy to pick up my bc pills and the pharmacy tech guy (who was probably new cus I never saw him there before or even after and I always go there to pick up any meds) and the guy literally looked at my prescription for bc and told me "Don't have too much fun" and I was so stunned that I just awkwardly laughed like "haha ok" and only when I left the pharmacy was I like wtf was that… like I CAN'T

  17. I took the pill from 18-22 years old. It made me VERY emotional. I was constantly worrying and crying. The best thing about it was not getting pregnant (duh) and my skin was clear. Switched to IUD.. same side effects. I stopped using any sort of contraceptives after removing my IUD and listened and got to KNOW to my body.. know your cycle, know your ovulation days, etc. My mental health is far more important to me, I just got smarter about sex and my body.

    Btw the male doctor was so inappropriate. Wtf.

  18. I can totally relate to you! I have been taking the pills for 6 months because my period would last for months. It would always affect my school because it was so heavy. I would even faint because I would loose too much blood. I also had really bad blood clots and would always leak so I started taking the pill. In the beginning the pills made me sad constantly and I started noticing that so I focused on things that made me happy and it went away and finally started feeling like myself. Then I noticed that I started gaining weight out of nowhere and the doctor said that it was one of the side effects. I gained 12 pounds! I feel really bloated which I hate and I don’t know how to stop the weight gain. I’ve heard that if you stop taking the pill you would loose the weight the you gained but I can’t get off of it because my periods are really bad. I need help with the weight gain.

  19. I have been off of the depo shot for 4 years , I was on it for 3 and as my side effect I was not ovulating for a couple years after I got off of it. We just use condoms now. No side effects and very effective. Although he’s my husband , he understands another child is not what we want at the moment.

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