▶ 906 THÁNG 6 NĂM 2019 ◀◀ PIXI, NARS, Fairydrops, Real Techn kỹ thuật


Cuối cùng cũng được nghỉ một tháng mà không bị ốm !!! CÓ Tháng này tôi đã tập trung vào thói quen trang điểm nhanh hàng ngày của mình và …


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  1. Hi!
    So I'm asking for an advice
    I'm almost 15 and my mother barely allows me to wear lip gloss
    I really want to start wearing makeup because I lost my confidence in the last 2 years
    And I want to boost it
    But my mother started wearing makeup when she was 25 and I'm soon going to high school and I really want to walk into the adult world!
    I really want to start wearing makeup! 😢😢😢

  2. Hi Jen, I love watching your monthly faves, but I notice you haven’t done much reviews on Korean cosmetics lately. I miss your Lioele cosmetics reviews, any chance of possible doing a video on this?😊

  3. i bought your pixi endless shade stick at target! it’s so pretty. i normally don’t buy warm shades like copper but it looks so pretty on my eyes and stays really well 🙂 my boyfriend said he likes it too. btw most of your products were sold out so that’s good!

  4. I swear I just watched your May Favorites 😅 Time flies! I haven't had too much experience with Pixi's makeup, but I really want to try a shadow stick. The shade you released with them totally looks like one I would wear! By the way, so glad you're doing better this month. I was sick multiple times the first half of the year, too. What a whirlwind 2019 has been so far lol 😂

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