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Cô gái của bạn luôn luôn di chuyển và tôi đã hợp tác với Google #pixelbook để làm cho mọi thứ trở nên dễ dàng hơn nhiều. Thưởng thức video ngắn n ngọt ngào này về những gì …


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  1. O.O I noticed Jenn taking off the face mask and going to sleep immediately! does the residual get on the pillow? is there a "proper" way of doing a face sheet mask because I've always rinse my face afterword but i feel like I'm just washing the good stuff away.

  2. Ya'll are going too hard on Jenn. I'm an OG watcher too, and I don't like watching advertised content either, but this is Jenn's job. She needs to make money somehow. Her videos have me made me happier in my lowest times, she is always there for us, and all she asks from us is to watch her sponsored content. People unsubbing were never real fans.

  3. I noticed a lot of disappointed people in the comments, but then I also looked at the dislikes. 1.2K in 3 days? That seems pretty unusual for one of Jenn's videos. Hopefully that's not foreshadowing.

  4. I don't usually comment but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the video – from the content, the way it was shot to the editing style. 🙂 Don't be affected by the negative comments (to which i was utterly surprised at), I don't think you've "changed", rather I think you've "grown" and you know what you want and how you want to shoot and produce your videos. I love how your sponsored videos are so different from others out there – you always make me think you've earned every buck because so much hard work has gone into it. I think it's great that you have these more professional and high quality videos but also the more down to earth vlogs, the mix just shows us you're more than just one dimension of a person too 😉 Keep doing what you're doing, Jenn!

  5. I don’t mind ads because I know you would only do something you actually like. However, when it feels like this is all scripted and not authentic at all, it makes me sad and not want to watch. It felt like a commercial the whole time

  6. Hey Jenn, I thought this video was beautiful and well-edited! I didn't really feel the ad thing so much, and you also mentioned in your previous videos that you really did like the google pixel so i'm trusting that you are being genuine here…

  7. What is wrong with her integrating an ad? Shouldn't we just hope that she is happy? Jenn! Idk if you can will be reading this comment, just to let you know that I have been following you for a good 9-10 years now. All I wish for is your happiness and success. Cheer up and stay strong girl ❤️

  8. I hope the comments about this being a sponsored video don't get to you!! You give us so much incredible (free!!!) content and clearly put a lot of thought into your sponsored videos, so I've never minded even if the products weren't relevant to me. Keep making these videos and being successful. At worst, people spend four minutes watching a beautiful video for a product they're not interested and that's not something to complain about.

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