Độc thoại hài hước Mỹ của Bill Murray – SNL


Bill Murray trở lại để tổ chức tập thứ 500 của Saturday Night Live và so sánh bộ phim hài của Mỹ với bộ phim hài của các quốc gia khác, được nhắc nhở bởi …


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  1. Listen Lorne Michael's…I have some material that is original and hilarious. It's so funny that it would make a mark on S&L as the funniest skit ever. I always write down my weird and strange thoughts and put them into comedy skits. I always wanted to be a comedian and writer but just played it safe with a degreed life. But if you want my materials, I'd give all of it for free. I just want to see it on S&L…no where else..

  2. Turn off the TV Wood of Holly makes a magic wand, you know a woody
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    Do you like to rock & roll, Let's all roll onto Cindy's Cinna-buns for the finest doe nutz in town, Do you like the rolling stones, You have a rock in your head, jack has a box for your pet rock in the box, Let's all roll on down to jack in the box, jack has free WiFi for your pet rock in the box, use the force Luke, Life is frequency, matter does not exist, it comes from consciousness & awareness, everyone is brain dead, they have a rock in their heads, Earth has 4 corners and I can prove it, I am Suspended on @Twitter @FaceBook @Youtubes hides my comments
    The more material possessions you own the further from humanity you become, Just watch ancient knowledge part one 10 minute mark, it will take just 2 minutes to learn

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