ME-N-ALL WIGS I Eggie Summer Lookbook


Hôm nay tôi sẽ phục vụ TẤT CẢ những kẻ dâm ô! Như mọi khi, siêu hào hứng để ra mắt tuyệt đẹp này (thoát khỏi giấc mơ của một người bán hoa) Mùa hè #Eggie …


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  1. I really, really miss your companion videos where you would try on and explain each piece in your collection. I assume you stopped doing them because other viewers gave negative feedback about you uploading too many videos on Eggie or the way you used to title the explanation videos as "hauls," which some felt was misleading? I can see why they'd react negatively, but I think it's a loss for people who are considering buying your clothing or who really are interested in your design process. I reference your other explanatory videos when deciding what to potentially purchase, but it's been harder to know with your newer collections. Perhaps you could add the sit down + explanations at the end of these stylized lookbook videos? They add a more personal touch to the way you present your brand on your channel.


    Also, the clothes are amazing ! I do really wish you would do lookbooks wearing the items/ show other body types in them as well. I'm 5'0, but have a large chest and big hips/ booty, and i def can't imagine what I would look like in the items. Please try to show a more diverse side, because I love the clothes ! I just can't justify spending money on clothes that I'm not sure I would wear.

  3. First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate your efforts to become more sustainable while remaining affordable and stylish. However, release after release it seems like the collections are mostly made up of crop tops, body-con dresses and short tight skirts, and styles that are just hard to pull off unless your body type is petite or thin. the girls who are featured in this video have very similar body types and the clothes look great on them, but when I received my eggie order I was disappointed that my dress did not fit my broad shoulders and bustier frame. I know a lot of other followers want to see more size range in your clothes, but I think incorporating styles aside from short tops and tight fits would be beneficial for your line!

  4. Literally THE BEST DROP you've ever had. Like I legit want to buy EVERY piece in this video. You and your team did so well and you can tell you all really cared about the designs, trends, structure, material, everything in this drop. THANK YOU EGGIE TEAM. ♥

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