Bruschetta gợi cảm trong Cinque Terre


Tôi đang ở Riomaggiore, thưởng thức bữa trưa đơn giản với bruschetta và rượu vang tại Dau Cila với hướng dẫn viên địa phương của tôi, Amy Inman. Nhà hàng sang trọng này theo sau một …


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  1. Italy!!!! We visited Cinque Terre for 3 day last year: we hiked between two villages, rode the train to all five, dined at Al Pozzo restaurant, and had a great time in this area. Thanks Rick, you inspired us to go there! (What a dream job you have created for yourself – making money having fun.) Try Al Pozzo – the owner is very unique – you have to see him to believe him – so Italian!

  2. Went to Cinque Terre and other parts of Italy on our honeymoon 12 years ago! Thank you so much for your guides(we even had Rick Steves luggage…still have the compact travel luggage & lite backpacks today).
    Your guides made our trip so smooth especially the important information on booking the Ufizze museum and The Last Supper! We got to enjoy both with no waiting in line. Saw many sad travelers turned away at The Last Supper in Milan because of no reservation.

  3. Ferdinando knows his food and it looks delicious. I'd eat everything in front of me there. However I am not a big fan of tattoos, when is that fad going to end? He seems like a nice guy though who is an expert in his field.

  4. Without the excessive bRolls, the edits, and the pre produced stories that the world of video consumption at times demands, you absofreakinglutely NAIL IT with the casual chat to camera… unedited and raw, yet BRILLIANTLY presented in true RICK STEVES format. True to life, true to form…. without edits….without skipping a beat. A true pro 😉

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