THAY ĐỔI LÀ SCary + GRWM trò chuyện


Hôm nay tôi chỉ muốn ngồi xuống và có một trái tim chân thành về sự thay đổi. Nó đáng sợ, không thoải mái và hầu hết thời gian là không thể tránh khỏi. Làm thế nào bạn …


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  1. I’m going through so much with school right now, and your whole perspective on change opened my eyes on the possible options that I need to consider. It’s really tough making a huge decision with graduate school, but hearing you talk about it helped. Thanks Jenn, your videos always teach me something.

  2. Loved this video 🖤 you should take a deeper look into your birth chart , i sweat to god this isn’t stalking lmfao but I like doing the birth charts of my favorite youtubers kinda like a research to double check astrology.
    You have a Virgo sun and Scorpio moon , makes sense that what you hold close to your heart (family traditions or patterns you grew up seeing) are so hard for you to let go , they’re signs of patterns and routines , specially Virgo, which is also your Venus sign ( the way you see and understand love and beauty). On the other hand you have a Gemini mars ( drive and actions taken in new situations ) which needs stimulation and and is OK with unknown when pushed towards it. Also explains why you’re artistic and so into books , and knowledge since you’re mostly ruled by mercury. Give a chance you’ll be surprised.
    I also have Virgo Venus and Scorpio mars and mercury , Libra sun … so it makes sense I loved the way you’re so knowledgeable and articulated while teaching beauty 😂👏🏽 win win !!

  3. You’re such an inspiring person! I love the way you tell stories and discuss over various topics! Also I really appreciate your eloquence, it makes me know that you’re a book person. The most important thing is that english isn’t my mother tongue but I’ve learnt lots of vocabularies from you and it’s kinda funny that when I listen to you I feel like I can catch up and remember those unheard words easier. It would be really nice if you have enough time to add a proper subtitle so it’ll be useful not only for me but many people out there, nonetheless I also understand if you can’t haha. Anyways, thank you! And keep up your amazing works! 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you brought that up.. my friend thinks I’m so particular because prior to going to coffee shops to work I stress about walking in, not knowing where directly to walk once I’m in, not having parking and not having enough seats for me to sit down and work so automatically trying any new ones stress me out even more so I go to the same one every time 😂

  5. I definitely agree that change is very difficult. Typically, I'd be one that is comfortable in my own little bubble, also known as my echo chamber (there's a Note to Self podcast regarding echo chambers!). I would always tend to follow accounts that fit within my interests, read things I agree with, and do things I know I'm capable of doing. However, it really didn't give me enough of an experience or an adventure.

    I did eventually decide to start shaking up this echo chamber of mine by following accounts that didn't exactly match up with my interests. I did some wild things by reading things I don't really believe in! But let me tell you. It has been an incredible change and it definitely made me more open-minded. Change is hard, but wonderful all at once and I think it's so important to embrace that.

  6. Since the summer started I’ve been going out more& felt unstimulated throughout the week so I totally know how you feel! Like it’s not a bad thing to be spending time with friends but you feel like you should be getting more sht done lol. I’m excited to see what you have in store for your vids Jenn! Change is scary but also good, you got this! 💪🏾

  7. Jenn! On the topic of change, you should really read this book called "Who Took My Cheese", it's simple and straight-forward, even children can read it – but it's really meaningful and I feel that I learnt a lot from it! Let me know if you read it and how it goes! 🙂

  8. A professor I had talked a lot about this topic! He said that making small, intentional changes can help keep your creativity flowing–even if it's as simple as taking a different route home or trying a new coffee shop. You can do it!

  9. climate change scares me and see how much people ignore our Chance to hide the world for us, the next Generationen and all which come next! we are the only Generationen how is able to fit the problem but many dont start because of the issue you talked about

  10. I’m about to start graduate school in less than a week! Although I’ve had months to prep for my move and say my goodbyes, I feel incredibly nervous. I have been out of school for two years due to family stuff so I had to put my professional dreams of being a speech language pathologist on hold. I never lost sight of my dreams so I continued to care for my family while saving up for graduate school. In my post 2 years, I had experienced loss, love and adventure … and now that I am finally about to live my dream… I just want it to end.. I just want to stay at home, at my job I am comfortable at, with my boyfriend that loves me, and with my family. I guess I’m scared of FOMO and just being here everyday for my family, friends and boyfriend. I am so lucky to have such an incredible support group that have encouraged me to after my dreams and put myself first for once.

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