Turks & Caicos: Gói gì cho Turks & Caicos


Hướng đến các đảo Turks & Caicos và không biết phải mang theo những gì? Ở đây chúng tôi đi qua danh sách đóng gói của chúng tôi cho Turks & Caicos. Tất cả…


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  1. Very nice video about Turks and Caicos but taking those items you may save some money. I lived in the beautiful island of Providenciales for 10 years, and yes all is expensive because is imported but is such a nice and beautiful place and the color of the water is amazing.

  2. I love that yall putting turks out there this is very fun to watch and yh thats is some good advices and one thing you need to thing for real is the sun block cause its very hot here keep doing what you doing yall

  3. Y’alls are too cute! TCI is gorgeous, and I hope you enjoyed Grace Bay. Not sure where you guys stayed, but it looked really rocky! (Coral Gardens?) If you can, next time stay near Seven Stars Resort & Grace Bay Club. MUCH better & prettier sand!

  4. My husband us a pilot, snd occasionally is sent to Turks & Caicos. Everything is very expensive there. If you can pack it, do so! It’s way cheaper than buying there. Moisture wicking clothes with sun protection is another good item!

  5. Good tips. For your ziplock bag I also recommend throwing in a few silica dry packs…those little packs you often find in clothing packages that you throw away. Great for keeping items dry when in a sealed bag.

  6. Speaking of battery packs, I just bought a Halo Bolt for travel. I use it in airports to keep my smart phone charged so I can surf while waiting to board my plane, especially since my boarding pass is on my phone. I don't have to try to find an outlet at the airport.
    Do you have any experience with other brands of battery packs?

  7. Hey guys you didn’t have Aruba but this works for somethings. Thank you . Hey what kind of underwater camera do you use ? Yep I’m packing a bunch of snacks and a bottle of vodka , lemonade, chocolate and tons of 🧴 sunscreens!

  8. This is a coincidence as I've been tossing around the idea of going to either T&C or the Caymans next year for a quick 3-4 day trip thanks to having saved up enough hotel points.
    Also, kudos for mentioning coral safe sunscreen. Would be good to mention sustainable travel in the future when possible.

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