Di chuyển ra ngoài – VLOGMAS vào tháng 1 # 1 | Ingrid Nilsen


Chào mừng bạn đến với tuần đầu tiên của Vlogmas vào tháng 7! Tôi sẽ vlogging cả tháng và chia sẻ video hàng tuần vào mỗi thứ Sáu lúc 2 giờ chiều EDT! Theo dõi podcast!


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  1. Gonna be really honest here, I used to be a fan way back when and then unsubscribed for some reason. Happy to say, I am back on board. I love this new Ingrid. Erica is amazing. Tayto is adorable. Your channel has taken a fantastic direction and I am here for it.

  2. i started watching You when she did vlogmas MANY years ago. it was a rough time in my life but your videos always made me happy and gave me peace. It was like a lived my life through you and really enjoyed all the trips to target and getting your chai tea latte! You voice and demeanor is so soft and gentle! Anyways I am SOO happy to see you doing it again and it feels really warm to watch you. Please make them longer I can hear you talk all day!

  3. Thank you so much for letting us into this part of your life. It has been so great to get to "know" Erica and you seem so genuinely happy in way that I feel like we haven't seen in a while. So happy for you, Ingrid.

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