Vernazza Sau bóng tối – Phép thuật


Tôi đã trở lại châu Âu vào mỗi mùa xuân kể từ những năm 1970 – và tôi thích rằng ở đây chúng ta, vào năm 2019, và phép thuật vẫn còn tồn tại. Tham gia với tôi ngay bây giờ để …


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  1. Steve, You seem to be such a nice man. This behind-the-scenes extra snippet was very enjoyable.
    I just discovered this YT channel and subscribed. I'm definitely looking forward to watching some of the interesting videos on the playlist!

    Safe travels!

  2. I love your latest videos Rick, much more real, not so commercial. I was in the Cinque Terre for the second time just over a month ago and yes, it is timeless. I made the mistake of going on the Easter Holiday week and man was it crowded. The trains were packed! I prefer my Italy this way. Grazie mille.

  3. Rick, please please please explain to our fellow North Americans how to behave in Europe. It’s heartbreaking to see what locals think of us. Loud, nagging, demanding, self righteous, obvious and plane rude. This is what Europeans think of us. Please explain when we respect local traditions and understand local cultures a lot of doors open up to us. We find friends and even get invited to their homes instead of looking like a dollar sign. I have been traveling in Europe for past 28 days and I have found many friends, invited to many homes, been helped in many instances by strangers. My family and I are getting royal treatments here just be being respectful.

  4. Great video. Alway wonderful to hear thoughts of your travels. As most tourist do not spend the night in the these villages, evenings are quiet, romantic and offer the traveler a special experience. Highly recommended.

  5. I’d like to see more of this style of video dude. I’ve been watching your travel vids for as long as I can remember and this adds a nice little twist and departure from your traditional style. Off-script and personal like. I haven’t been to Europe in over 20 years and would like to book a transatlantic journey one day soon.

  6. Rick thanks for the insight 😉
    My wife and I are staying in Vernazza in September with some Italian friends and we can't wait! We booked this after listening to you talk about the town, so thank you for the recommendation!

  7. Rick, that's quite a salient point you made about how CQ seems almost frozen in another time – free from the troubles of a modern world that exists just a bus ride away. I felt the same sensation during my week there last summer. I was in a situation not unlike your own – a solo traveler out looking for a warm meal as Porto Venere was gearing down. I felt a quietness behind the white noise of people dining by the harbor. It was as if the world was telling me it was ready to stand still as I mentally prepared to hike and drink and eat my way through the 5 lands.

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