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Nhạc trưởng tổ chức một cuộc họp, nhưng không thể quyết định khi nào nên nghỉ việc. [Season 5, 1980] #SNL Đăng ký SNL: …


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  1. Is it just me or has stupid become the national norm. Donald Trump did not bring evangelism into the eye of God and country when it comes to making money for my family. Common sense can't live in reality with a logic to be this spiritually blind how am I supposed to do my job, this is fantasy land. Watch this link to a video below and tell me this can't be real. Pat Robertson church can't be behind our president getting elected it is too crazy.

  2. This episode was hosted by Strother Martin, best known for his award-winning turn in Cool Hand Luke. He was a personal choice of Jim Downey, longtime writer for SNL. Strother had a blast in this episode, which like many in this season, had its share of 'weird' sketches (a Cool Hand Luke parody set in a French language camp; Invasion of the Body Snatchers with liberals becoming Reagan supporters; a video will watched by his family where he and the hospital staff were partying and partying). He passed away a few months later, so I like to see this episode as a nice goodbye present to him for all his years in the industry. Anyway, I'm glad that you put up a quieter piece that is more about character work. SNL needs more of those today.

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