Chúa và quý bà Douchebag – SNL


Lãnh chúa và quý bà của những phát minh nổi tiếng được công bố tại bữa tiệc của Lord Salisbury. [Season 5, 1980] #SNL Đăng ký SNL: https: // …


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  1. While the fifth season wasn't the best skit wise, they did have some of the best musical guests with David Bowie, The B-52s, the Roches, Tom Petty, etc.

    I would like to see the Captain Beefheart appearance from the ill fated sixth season.

  2. Amazing to think about. In this one skit you have Buck Henry, Harry Shearer, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Garret Morris and Loraine Neuman with some others as well. They spent the first half of the skit setting up the Douchebags, I think that is what helped to make it funny. From the audience response, it sounded like the skit was going to flop, with the biggest laughs coming from Garret Morris' awesome introductions. THEN…enter the Douchebags! Hahaha!

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