Frank Sinatra và Stevie Wonder Duet – SNL


Frank Sinatra (Joe Piscopo) và Stevie Wonder (Eddie Murphy) hát một phiên bản "Ebony and Ivory" mà những người trẻ tuổi sẽ thích. [Season 7, 1982] …


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  1. I remember viewing this when it was first broadcast and I find it just as offensive today. I was privileged to have known Frank slightly and he was in no way the brute and idiot that Mr. Piscopo portrayed him as. Granted, that at times he could be… a bit indelicate, but this segment is so unfair and biased to the memory of a man who was the greatest of artists and also a generous humanitarian.

  2. If this skit was performed today, everybody would take offense. Every body so thin skinned . Its just comedy. As long as you don't do it with me face to face we won't have a problem. 2019 the people are different and some feel like they can say and do anything they want. The shit ain't funny .

  3. Now that was fun.  What a treasure.  Two giants in talent left us this piece of laughable pleasure.  Memories abound from this wonderous and epic era.   So grateful you found this,  how truly  heart-warming and clever.  Brings back so many good feelings, one simply cannot measure.  Thanks to YouTube, these works are art to last forever.   And ever and ever and ever, whenever, wherever.  Thank you, America.  America, the beautiful.

  4. This generation needs to see grown Americans in a time who could laugh at and with one other without accusing a whole population of racism, racial appropriation, xenophobia and all those other words the left throws around- Words that make the rest of us sit up straight and scratch our heads in wonder.

    These were the days when SNL had the balls to push limits, today they marginalize them.
    Blacks are not intellectually inferior to anyone.
    So can we be open and honest enough to stop tip-toeing and guarding them like shepherds? Black Americans make the same “white jokes” today and we ALL laugh.

    When will we be able to laugh at each other again without large groups of people losing their minds?

    You can’t say spit and not offend someone today. We are so busy watching each other’s every move and listening for one murmur of injustice.

    Those days, when SNL was funny…they were the days when Americans weren’t so thin skinned.

    Eddie Murphy made his millions. He built a career on SNL. Then he took off into film. He is so rich, he doesn’t have to act anymore. That’s the America we were then. And look how far we’ve fallen.

    No one can laugh anymore. Unless they are the ones not being made fun of.

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