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Buona huyết thanh từ Lucca! Tôi đang ở quảng trường dell'Anfiteatro – một quảng trường tuyệt đẹp thực sự không vuông chút nào. Đây là Địa điểm của …


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  1. Your content is good but there's room for improvement in filming (panning too fast and jerky movements) the places you visit. I've noticed it in your other recent videos, as well. Hence the comment.

  2. I understand the point but at the same time the world is changing. The population has exploded and you can't really put that demon back in its place. With countries like China entering the travel market it's only going to get worse. What are the long term alternatives? For years hotels have offered minimal service and accommodation for the dollar. Maybe they need to step up their game.

  3. If the hotel chains were not charging so much for sometimes awful accommodation on roadsides on the outside of town, I might prefer to stay in them. The hotels in the centre are usually prohibitively priced. Therefore, I would prefer to stop in the town centre with lovely locals who rent their rooms to me. I try to never willingly stay with those who run several airbnbs as a business and read the reviews very carefully.

  4. The only constant is change. Just like the square has changed from Roman times it will continue to change. Rock, The Europe you know from your youth is gone. These major European countries are being overrun. It’s better to find unique countries and destinations than go to the typical Paris , Rome, etc. etc.

  5. I loved staying in AirBNB in Milan and Trastevere, Rome. I truly felt like I was living like a local resident. We then took day trips to Lake Como and other locations. Unfortunately, the downside is driving up the cost of living for the locals. The other downside for tourists like myself is that one does not have the convenience of a hotel concierge to assist in navigating through a foreign city. Touring and navigation is left up to the tourists, which for me was exciting and adventuresome. I simply bought the Rick Steves Italy books for Milan and Rome and had a great time.

  6. So the buildings were part of the original Amphitheater? Or they were built around the original Amphitheater for some reason? You mentioned there were houses in the middle at one point, but I guess they were knocked down? I think it's neat that the original location and perimeter of the Amphitheater is still preserved but I don't know why this circle is now multi-story buildings unless they were part of the original Amphitheater.

  7. Instagram created the need for something more local-looking than just a big ol' hotel, airbnb satisfied that need and now the local neighbourhoods don't seem all that local and down to earth at all…. It's a sad reality that has come with the rise of tourism. Especially in well preserved, traditional places like Italy.

  8. Rick, this was very pronounced to me in Barcelona as well. To combat this issue (what I see as a long-term non-sustainable problem), I think you should use your voice and platform to advocate for staying in smaller base camps and making day trips. I’ve noticed that your prior videos have focused on “location, location, location”. Perhaps we need to re-define what that means (from central to the city to central to the region). It’s a different way to travel, not necessarily worse. After all, there are definitely benefits from laying your head in the same place every night that serve to offset other inconveniences like increased day trip travel. And the costs of staying outside the city center and taking taxis/regional trains typically offsets eachother in my experience.

    Btw I just finished Travel as a Political Act and loved it. Perhaps this concept deserves further exploration in any new additions?

  9. Rick – My parents got me into your show about twenty years ago, or so. As a diehard fan of your traditional program, seeing you doing this on YouTube is amazing.

    Also, I emailed you about a decade ago about Rome, and whether or not it was directly from you, it was the most personalized response I've had in my life, and I still have it saved.

    Keep on traveling.

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