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Người chơi chưa sẵn sàng cho Prime Time vẫn còn trong chương trình, gợi nhớ lại toàn bộ dàn diễn viên ban đầu bằng cách nhìn vào một quả cầu pha lê. Họ được John đến thăm …


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  1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers originalEdit

    Track listingsEdit

    7" Single (US, 1976)

    A. "Breakdown" – 2:39 = background vocals were sung by fellow Shelter Records artist Phil Seymour who also sang on American Girl.B. "The Wild One, Forever" – 3:01

  2. It ain't white privilege, it's called financial seperation. Blacks do it to whites, whites do it to blacks, Obama probably doesn't treat a poor white man any better than Trump treats a poor black man. But when your rich, color don't matter, or when your poor. Quit blaming the problem on the color of skin, that's not the problem. Slavery affects all of U.S. It is the seperation of God's people, Heaven and Hell. Financial seperation.

  3. What would? Make me, not, miss her, Abel??? Cane??? D.C.???? I need Mon He???? Since you all lied to me my whole life, you can all help me fix my life. I love you, and this is going to sound weird, but I am going to need to see two Dragon's, Will Fair El'. JKjustkidding
    Now give me all your money,
    and I will spend it on what we need. Me to be happy. I don't know how yet, but, I'll use the money on lessons, plus, I really need to move out on my own. Find a girl, plant a garden. Thanks for listening to Me, I hope we can solve my Men T El'
    Ian San a T. Soon. C how

  4. The people involved with Seein,Ian,CNN could help out Moore by taking a small part of all of your accumulated wealth and re disperse it in the areas that are troubling our world today. It doesn't take Government for change, it just takes government to keep your pockets filled. Clean it up, or Adam Will, you know Adam,Hoover, the Fed U.P.S. yea the brown one. And the White Buffalo Calf. Just take your money and shove it up a hungry homeless man's ass and you will always get a wo man. Works every time.

  5. I forgot, what is Norml? Mayflower's. Herban Legends?
    I see beauty all around me, but think Death wants my Han D in marriage. I love Guy Ah, and want to be a Ha Ha Ha, laughing all the time. But I don't know how to be Norml, I was lied too. Now I am living a lie. You all look so happy when your with your families. I want to be your family. I want to have kid's, be with a good girl, that loves me. But I am Shy, Me Shy Ah. I don't want to be that Shy, but I love Me Shy Ah. Lost in G's Sis.

  6. G,P.S. I love you, Kali. Thanks Han He. Can the Republic Ian save the Eve El empire or Will I Am Brave HeArt have to come down to have a Sioux, Crazy Whores pointing at Moore. Who??? A.D.AH and Z I LL AH, Cool Han D Lou K. Moore Mon Bitches, Kar Ma. The cock and the crown of thorns is staying, or everyone's going to be on fire. K push, I T El'Ian, Lamb her gain he. I DonT like getting burned. Anu Kin,G Anna Kin,G Sky Walker, T He last Jedi Die Ah, Solo Mon. Long story short I need a girl who won't drive me crazy, a Kar Ma, and some Moore kid's that are not aboard I,T, St.Eve N King's Author, Me, O and I Came a Lot, D.C. King Guy Ah. Is real light. ☮️

  7. Michael O'Donoghue was in the crystal ball, not Buck Henry. (funny reference to his "Mondo Video" special). Given the hostility between Jane Curtin and Belushi I wonder if the writers were having a laugh by having her channel him.

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