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Người dẫn chương trình trò chơi, Phil Lively (Charles Rocket) và vợ, Frances (Gail Matthius), phỏng vấn Beverly (Ann Risley) để quyết định có nên gửi …


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  1. We had all thought season five went downhill after John and Danny left. We would be wrong as season six was downright terrible. I still don't know what happened as they had potential to do something different. Notice the studio audience is silent through this skit. They would be like that until the producer Jean Doumanian was fired and Dick Ebersol brought in to try and save the quickly sinking ship.

  2. This was the second and last appearance of these characters. The first was funnier but this one is also decent. Nice to see more of season 6 on the channel, and a glimpse at Gail Matthius (who should have been kept on the show), Ann Risley, and the late Charles Rocket. I'd love to see some Rocket Reports on your channel.

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