Jenny Hagel kể lại chiến thắng World Cup của đội tuyển nữ Hoa Kỳ


Nhà văn đêm khuya Jenny Hagel nhấn mạnh một số chiến thắng có ý nghĩa khác đã xảy ra vì đội bóng đá quốc gia của phụ nữ Hoa Kỳ …


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  1. The Megan Rapinoe response to the White House question was my favourite moment of the World Cup but this segment was real overkill. A better moment to stick it in Trumps painted face would however wining the final!

    In regard to this segment, I do prefer to celebrate strong women rather than focus on their sexuality. It seems like this show is really starting to be a tick box of content for privileged Manhattan liberalism.

    As such I am unsubscribing; sticking with my fix of Stephen Colbert and John Oliver until this show stops being so preachy to its viewers.

  2. A person't sexuality should not be involved in sport, in fact it's even bad that they don't have mixed gender teams, by making women's football look like a game for lesbians you're actually hurting all the straight women and gay men that play football

  3. Yeah I'm nut proud anymore. Everything is in the crapper. And it kinda seems like I'd you come out ur awesome. But if ur normal like 97% of the 🌎 then ur a freak. That kinda seems like how we are taing care of it now..

  4. And in Sports News; Lindsey 'the Cracker' Graham was carried off the field during the 1st Annual Soccer Challenge match between the SQUAD & the KLAN after vanely attempting to defend guest-sub-captain Rapino's scoring run thru 'the Cracker' for the Victory, 4 to 0; stunned & tearful, Linds loudly wailed 'Foul!' from his retreating sweaty-satin-stretcher… "get you next year, before election"

  5. Shoutout from Sweden! 🇸🇪 Trump was sad 'cause she finished the job too early…
    Joking aside, I've lived in the US and you deserve some attention that is not just 'mercan douchebags. In Norway e.g they say that something is "Texas" when it's crazy or bonkers.
    If somebody in US think's gay females are too weak to play soccer, then they haven't seen the men in the European leagues constantly faking getting tackled in order to get a penalty kick. They look like crying babies. The women are badasses and don't fake fall like a toddler.

  6. This was a great segment from Jenny, but I want to hear about Megan Rapinoe's next move; specifically reuniting the Democratic Party since both Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Speaker Pelosi separately invited her and the team to the House of Representatives. AOC offered first and Nancy was just riding her coattails. Please US women's soccer, unify the Democrats.

  7. I'm Engish, live in the UK and kudos, again to Americas women's national soccer team, I don't understand (looking at comment sections on youtube) how much hatred and ridicule for the team comes from the country they represent. I thought America loves winners?

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