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Các rocker đa bạch kim X Đại sứ ra mắt chương trình chiếu muộn với bài hát trong album mới 'ORION'. #Colbert #XAmbassadors #LSSC Đăng ký …


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  1. I thought it was going to be about ex-ambassador's – like Kim Darroch but actually it was more of a love song…

    Actually Love (aka A Huge Rant)

    The ambassador's reception
    To his accurate perception
    "That Trump was not a friend
    On whom one could depend"
    Was first an angry tweeting
    Then a sudden crass deleting
    Of his dinner invitation
    With the leader of a nation
    Whose dysfunctional approach
    Is hardly beyond reproach
    Yet though Don Trump is so disgraced
    He thinks it's Kim should be replaced
    No, not his little Rocket man
    For nowadays he is a fan
    Instead an honest diplomat
    Who someone once overheard chat
    And at the British Embassy
    Trump knows who, there, he'd like to stay
    He'd love for Farage to rush there
    But still that farrago "Rusher"
    Reminds us foreign meddling
    Like Vladimir is peddling
    Is something to be resisted
    Even though Trump has insisted
    That a special relationship
    Can be found on his lying lips
    So step aside Johnson and Hunt
    Because to deal with this affront
    We need someone who has the stuff
    And who can act as if he's tough
    Whose not afraid to wear the pants
    That we love actually – Hugh Grant?

    Well he could hardly be any worse than Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt as PM

  2. This is essentially a bad "Sting" impression.
    Anyway, they gotta go "wo wo" and "woo woo" X number of times in pop songs these days or the fucking idiot public(kids) won't go near it. It's a formula.

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