Brad Paisley nói về những gì làm cho chương trình Buzzer vàng đặc biệt của anh ấy – Nước Mỹ có tài năng 2019


Thẩm phán khách Brad Paisley mở ra lý do tại sao Sophie Pecora lại VÀNG! »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng Mỹ của Mỹ: Download» …


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  1. Literally all golden buzzers are singers… smh. This is my opinion but i feel like half of these singers dont deserve the golden buzzer. There are way more acts that acquire immense training and skill like magic acts and physical acts, dancing acts, and other acts…. these type of acts are harder than singers and harder to train for and harder to execute when the time comes. All singers gotta do it remember a song and stand in one place😑 and usually singers have that natural gift to sing and born with it meanwhile all the other acts literally have to work so hard to get to that point and arnt born with it. Im way more impressed by any other acts than a singing act. This show really turned into American idol.

  2. congrats but… i don't know if she can inspire other people. it's not a secret if music is a voice to shout loud of what in someone's mind. she sings about herself but only what's in her mind not what's she can do to inspire people. i think she's not a singer but she's an ordinary story-teller with a random melody. the real singer can tell the story behind the lyrics and can persuade people to be inspired by the lyrics. i literally don't feel inspired. but wish she have a good luck

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