Boxycharm có thể mở hộp! 2015


Khi tôi nói đầu đỏ, tôi 100% có nghĩa là tóc vàng! lmao! Tôi là kẻ điên rồ. thuốc giảm đau. Này các cậu! Đây là những thứ tôi nhận được trong Boxycharm của mình trong tháng này! …


30 Nhận xét

  1. I don't even know if you get notifs for comments on old videos, HOWEVER, if you see this, I like this background! Very colorful and pretty, but organized so it's not distracting. Maybe playing with your setup would help you feel refreshed about creating videos?

  2. Probably not the best idea to watch a Kathleen's video while putting makeup on because once I play her videos I can't take my eyes off of her! I was filling in my waterline with an eye pencil and I was so into the video that I poked my eye hahaha.

  3. I seriously have been watching over and over your unboxing videos and hauls. I promise I am not a weirdo but I just love them, I love watching and listening to you 🙂 you make me relax 🙂 (if that makes sense and doesnt sound weird). Could you please tell me where you bought the holders that holds (well dooh Laura) your melted glosses? Thank you.

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