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Amber Ruffin và Go Back to Your Country Girls thể hiện ca khúc hit của họ về những người bảo họ quay trở lại đất nước của họ bất chấp tất cả …


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  1. I was born in Canada, married an American and moved here to be with her. Went through all the rigamarole to become a citizen and everything. But I'm the shade of white that makes Irish people feel exotic, so the only time I ever had to hear 'Go back to where you came from' was when the divorce papers were handed to me.

  2. Love this bit, but…

    You know sometimes it already helps, makes a difference to just TRY to vaguely adapt to the new country you live in, not scream around all the time and dont expect everybody to change their ways just because now you are here and everybody needs to love it or accept your lifestyle when its always loud and annoying others. Especially when you came as a refugee, living on other peoples money and having specifically chosen this country for that … like a lot of arabs in germany have. When white people go other countries they often try to adapt or inform themselves on the local rules and social conventions of the place. Yet very often it seems like a higher % of african or arabic people dont seem to do make the same effort or Simply dont care/ play the victim…

  3. We've got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don't fight racism with racism. We're gonna fight racism with solidarity. "Tupac"

  4. Trump's ancestors were from Germany, right? I'd tell him to go back to HIS country, but he's already trying very hard to bring his country to the US. Specifically Germany from 70, 80 years ago.

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