Norah O & # 39; Donnell: Báo chí làm cho công tác dân chủ


Norah O'Donnell, mỏ neo mới của CBS News News, đồng ý với Walter Cronkite vĩ đại, người cảm thấy rằng báo chí chất lượng là một trong những chìa khóa …


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  1. I agree except for the fact that are “free press” isn’t so free and is owned by large enterprises that dictate an agenda. From Fox News to msnbc. We saw the debates and we saw the clear favoritism by giving certain cherry picked candidates a larger chance while shutting off the mics of others. Get Wallstreet and big corporations out of media and government and then we’ll talk about democracy.

  2. Those sign-offs are bloody fantastic. OMG isn't that what we'd really like to hear at the end of a news bulletin – "I'm Norah O'Donnell and you can't make this stuff up folks" "Goodnight and Good Luck with all that" All gems actually. But why was Katie Curic's time as CBS's Evening News anchor not mentioned? Because it didn't work? Before it's time? Good luck to NOD – hope you win bigly.

  3. I’m happy to be a journalist, and to try and just do my job honestly, informing people about what’s happened, trying to highlight important issues, help other people if I/we can, and just to continue keeping a watchful eye on The Man and The System. Please give a thumbs-up if you value honest, decent journalists and a free press and media anywhere… 🙂

  4. This time period in America has striking similarities to Germany in the early 1930's. America is becoming less relevant, less innovative, less equal economically, socially, and racially. Our cultural decline will move us toward authoritarian nationalism unless we fight to stop it. The white grievance politics that is becoming more prevalent is leading to racial animus that is playing out at these rallies. These are not the same Republicans of 20 years ago. Today, it's all about blaming the "other" for all your problems. Having trouble getting a well paying job with only a High School diploma, blame immigrants, people of color, women, ethnic minorities, religious minorities like Muslims for your economic problems. Don't like the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic American society, try to prevent anyone non-white from coming to America. That kind of environment of division and hatred can lead to some very disastrous outcomes. We may be headed for a sort of cultural war fought for decades that will hasten America's decline.

  5. CBS news have my respect when they didn't hide their in-house scandals. Charlie Rose and Less Moonves were covered vigorously. Other news stations would have tried to cover up the scandals.

  6. There's a reason why our Constitution calls out the necessity of only one profession: the press.
    Their job is to hold those in power accountable and to combat the abuse of power.
    No wonder t'rump hates them. They're constantly calling him out on his lies.
    And working overtime at that! 😃😄

  7. Norah is so right, without journalism, we would be told perpetual lies by just about every racist Repub in America, including trump. They are a brave group of people, kudos to you all for giving us the truth. 💙

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