Khách sạn Florence của tôi: Địa điểm, địa điểm, địa điểm


Tham gia cùng tôi tại địa điểm tôi đã gọi về nhà trong vài ngày qua ở Florence – Khách sạn Loggiato Dei Serviti – và xem phong cảnh trên sân thượng của tôi về …


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  1. Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    People may say bad things about you but they wont still matter for me.

    You've said some hurtful things to me but I still try to understand you no matter what and I'll still try my best to think of ways to save you. I know its hard to have faith in me cuz y would u trust a little girl like me lol.

    But i just hope that you arent that anxious or scared anymore. Im not really sure what you're really scared of.
    Reputation? Idk abt ur reputation but it doesn't matter to me. Reputation is nothing but an ego-based thing. Seeing people by their souls and true selves is better than measuring them based on their reputation from people.. Because reputation is just a superficial construct.

    So pls, i really hope you dont feel anxious anymore even though im not sure what ur really scared of.

  2. Lucky you! I lived at that Loggia for about two months when I first played in the Orchestra Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (1982) — but back then the piazza in front of it was swarming with drug dealers. I still loved it: the perfect grace of that piazza, the ancient-ness of that building ….

  3. Thanks, Rick. I really enjoy these peeks at what life is like for someone doing your job. Positive, negative, spectacular, and mundane. Most of us have probably imagined a "dream job" traveling like you and it's a pleasure to see what it's really like. I get a realistic sense of being there in this video that's very different from a whirlwind video tour packed full of sights. I enjoy the quiet evening ambience. The moments that aren't on the itinerary and won't be retold but are fine little moments to be privately savored.

    That shot of the highly relatable simple meal really activated my sense memory. I know what that tastes like and then I recognized I could feel what it feels like from long-ago travels in Europe. It was like I can feel the air on that terrace. Just standing there in the evening, taking in the plaza, about to eat a satisfying simple meal and do some work in my room, because I know what that feels like it's so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. It's just a simple happy pleasure. The pleasure of where you were that day and where you'll be tomorrow and that evening not going out and seeing much but feeling happy just to be there. When you're traveling sometimes where you are isn't much to look at and it isn't a particularly memorable experience in itself except for "location, location, location" which can make all the difference in the world. When you are where you want to be, that can be joyous in itself no matter the situation. To be in a modest little hotel room with a window view of tiles can be a euphoric experience if you're truly enjoying life at that moment. It may even be the place where you most want to be in the world right then. I want to enjoy pleasures like that.

  4. Need a glass of chianti with that snack? We take domes for granted but that dome was an engineering feat because they struggled as to how to build it. Love the hotel room. Stayed in an old mansion converted to a hotel. It was lovely. I really appreciated your tour of the Uffizi gallery. Renaissance Art 101. Say hi to David.

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