Mỗi bà mẹ (hoặc sinh viên hoặc người bận rộn làm việc) nên có thói quen trang điểm nhanh, biến đổi, vì vậy tôi muốn chia sẻ cách nhìn 5 phút của mình với …


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  1. i love this fast "mom makeup" look! i have 3 kids and a lot of days i just walk around looking like a blob and it's always the worst when i bump into a parent that i know at the grocery store or something. i wish i knew how to apply falsies super quickly like you … i've given up trying hahaha

  2. @From Head To Toe thanks for sharing this! please don't be upset by mean comments ~~ unless a person has experienced being a mother and can fully understand the struggles, they really have no right to judge. (: and even if they are mothers, their judgemental behavior says more about them than you

  3. I am a mom of two too. I wish I can do this fast make up and perfect. By the time I am almost finish, I would think “Oh I should add some bronzer. After that, I might need a highlighter. Thinking to put down the brush, hmmm I should add on some more…” And ended up taking so long for my make up 😂

    Thank goodness my hubby is patient enough to let me put on make up 😘❤️

  4. Falsies just to go to the post office????!!! Rather easier to just to swipe the endless stick on the eyes & cheeks quickly with lipgloss and then GO! Or just throw on a baseball cap with glasses and lip gloss.

  5. There is no way you look scary without makeup. But I can appreciate the therapeutic effects from giving yourself a little self love by applying makeup and playing with colors and focusing a little time on yourself.

  6. You look nice with minimal eye makeup . The thick dark winged eyeliner and false lashes are too much for running errands? You look more approachable without the heavy eye makeup to be honest

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