Phục hưng vào ban đêm – Với rượu vang


Tối nay, sau một bữa tối tuyệt đẹp và một chút rượu vang, tôi đã bị vượt qua bởi vẻ đẹp lịch sử của quảng trường S.S Annunziata, quảng trường thời Phục hưng nhất …


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  1. Oh, how I LOVE you even more, Rick, when you vlog with wine-inbued poetry. Vive le vino! Vive la Renaissance! Vive signore Rick Steves!

    P.S. My shipment of travel goodies from your store, the magnifico Rick Steves Europe travel store, arrived yesterday. Everything is so wonderful! Thank you! I'm so happy with my travel merchandise right now and with re-viewing this video, that I feel like filling up my travel thermos with Italian wine. Buona sera, Rick. Buona sera.

  2. Was in Florence…. didn't see any of this☹️…next time I'm either going alone or with you Rick, that way I KNOW I'll have a good time… 🍷 🍷 and more 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 keep these wonderful videos coming……Happy Travels All

  3. We also stayed in the building opposite the Hospital of Innocents – the Hotel Loggiato Dei Serviti. We stayed in the loft "apartment" on the top floor – fantastic decor and historic feel, a bit hot in the Summer, but there's always gelato nearby! Reasonable rates, too. So this square was our home base as well, and we made sure to give our greetings to Ferdinand before and after each day's adventure. Reasonable rates, too. Easy walking to just about the entire old area of Florence. And we found out about it from one of your books! Grazie!

  4. When I was in Italy, walking in Venice at night thru the streets and over the canals was an experience i’ll never forget. I could’ve been transported on a time machine to several hundred years ago in the past and I wouldn’t notice.

  5. Rick Im a big fan. Im a drummer with many Americana and country artists and have played a lot in Europe over the past 20 years and have ran into you several times while you were over filming. Ive worked with the Dixie Chicks, Dale Watson, The Derailers, and Junior Brown. Perhaps you remember?

  6. With Rick you learn about the history and the place he travels to, bringing it into context, love his videos…. unlike the current crop youtube travel vloggers who are just chasing fame and popularity and clicks…..

  7. yeah 1420 is early for the Renaissance but that is clearly a Renaissance style architecture. The Renaissance started in Florence Italy and didn't reach some places in northern Europe until after 1500. Also, the dark ages weren't so dark when you consider the gothic cathedrals that went up during the late dark ages.

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