Trump Surrogates: & # 39; Gửi lại cô ấy & # 39; Chants không thể phân biệt chủng tộc


Người phát ngôn của tổng thống đã lên sóng vào cuối tuần qua để bảo vệ Trump trước các cáo buộc rằng ông khuyến khích các cuộc tán gẫu phân biệt chủng tộc tại MAGA của mình …


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  1. I fundamentally disagree with your racism. Them: you just disagree with me and that is your tactic to silence me. ME: yeah I disagree with racists and no it's not your conspiracy theory, quit being a bigot!

  2. Why is this late night talk show so political and divisionist? It just seems counterproductive and gets people wound up right before bed. Americans should be working to find commonality and solidarity but then again divisionism is the best way to control a population. Pit them against each other and keep them distracted while you reap your profits destroying the environment and economic future.

  3. The “love it or leave it” idea is ridiculous. If that were the case, no one would ever try to improve things. Women would not be able to vote and neither would anyone non-white. Sure, maybe some backward person would like that, but that’s why we live in the 21st century. Progress, moving forward, recognizing injustice and correcting it.

    Having a colorblind society doesn’t mean ignoring race or cultural background. It means understanding it and not allowing your own prejudices to affect your actions or words.

  4. Any non americans find this shit insanely cringe and lame? Trump isn't half as bad as the tv presenters and media. I'd ask if americans felt the same way but they'd only respond with a comment they seen somewhere else asking for likes.

  5. If you hate America, Capitalism, and the Constitution it would stand to reason you would be happier living in a country like Denmark.

    AOC wants communism.
    Ilham Omar appears to want Sharia Law
    And the other two speak for themselves….

    Why stay in a country you hate?

  6. Mr Colbert, really, can you not have One Trump Free rant? Doesn't it trigger any self awareness in there? Are you not cringing just a little? You seem like a sensitive, educated guy, don't they let you pick on anyone else, this is just baring the inner politics of the networks a little bit, just once in a while, quit giving the orangutang so much free press, dude! Get a grip

  7. So Miller don't know that, yes, you can criticise people of another color for their policies, but not by using racially slurs and loaded words usually targetted people of that color when making personal verbal attacks, rather than commenting on the policies and why they think (if they did put any thoughts into it) the policies are wrong. If racists and other bigots stuck their arguments to be about the ball rather than the person, they would be a little harder to spot.

  8. Trump: ''send them back!''
    Steven: ''That's racist!''
    Audience: ''yeah!''

    Steven: (at 3:32 implying:) ''this white guy looks like a KKK member''
    Audience: ''blahahahahaaa''

    I believe having double standards is the last best hope for all mankind…

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