Tuyến đường 66 Xe máy | Arizona Cowboys, Hot Rods & Diners


Route 66 là một trong những đường cao tốc mang tính biểu tượng nhất thế giới, kéo dài trong hơn một ngàn dặm, đó là đường cao tốc đầu tiên để kết nối Chicago tới Los …


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  1. My friend and I drove from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon last December and eventually reached Williams, AZ. It was an experience of a lifetime to visit there. Surely one of the most beautiful places I have been to.
    Thanks for making me recollect those spectacular sights through your video.
    Great job boys. Good luck! (:

  2. Great video. However – The Interstate System was started in the 50s under the Eisenhower administration – not the 80s. Also, Rte 66 was not the first paved highway in the country. But don't let the facts spoil a good story!

  3. Brilliant guys, you definitely captured it. I was just in that area a couple weeks ago myself. I went on a road trip from Oregon to Santa Fe and stopped in Sedona. One of the most underrated places in the world. It should really be a national park, but I'm glad it isn't so that you can explore more freely. What month were you there?

  4. Going to Sedona, AZ in October, I’m so stoked to see it!! I have only been to Arizona once (Cave Creek, AZ), and it’s my dream to move to Arizona, a dream I’m determined to make a reality. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. I’ve been watching your videos for forever, I lived in the Basque Country last year and didn’t know what it was before I saw your videos… and it made me super happy to see you in my home state ❤️ bummer you didn’t make it to flagstaff though, a bit more epic stop on Route 66

  6. I love that you guys ride completely different bikes. Five years ago when I was shopping for a new bike it was between a Triumph and BMW. I went with the BMW GS but I have great respect for both. Great video guys!

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