EZRA & # 39; S DOL (Sinh nhật 1 tuổi của Hàn Quốc) || Jen Chae


Ezra là 1 và chúng tôi đã ăn mừng bằng cách ném cho anh ta một con cá heo truyền thống của Hàn Quốc! Một doljanchi là một bữa tiệc lớn cho bạn bè và gia đình để chúc mừng một em bé mà …


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  1. I seriously am obsessed with the names Ezra and Aria! The only
    Thing holding me back is the fact that those were the names of a couple in Pretty Little Liars. But your babies are so cute! And I love how you stayed with the traditional Korean party. 💗

  2. Happy Birthday, Dear Ezra!! 🎂🎊💙 what a beautiful celebration!!
    I cannot believe how quickly your lil’ ones are growing! PS. My 21 MO daughter would be all about that milk tea station. She loves her some bubbles. 🥰

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments! Such a beautiful party for both of your sweet children… I loved the understated colors … festive tranquility. May your children be happy and fulfilled at whatever they decide to do! Many thumbs up to you, your family, and Davina Kim!

  4. Happy birthday Ezra!!

    He didnt pick coin. It is actually called a 마패(ma-pae). It is used for public officer who went on a trip to other cities. It shows their authority and position.

    So i guess Ezra chose 마패 and might become a politician🤣🤣 It's doing it for fun anyway but i just wanted to tell you it's not a coin😍

  5. Well… when you place the stethoscope right in front of the baby where its the easiest to reach… 🙄🙄 is it a coincidence that the paint brush was placed on the edge farthest away from the baby??

  6. Hi Jen! I really admire your family. You and your husband are doing a great job raising a family. Love you guys and HBD to baby Ezra!!! He is definitely blessed to have you as parents! ❤️

  7. Happy birthday Ezra!

    What an amazing party for both of your kiddos! I have 2 children that are about the same ages as yours and you're totally right! Time flies by so much faster with 2! Enjoy them, they are so beautiful! 🥰

  8. Congratulations to the entire family!! I cant believe how time flies. It feels not too long ago i was watching your first pregnancy blogs with Aria but now im watching Ezras dohl video!!!😱😂 i think you and Ben have come such a long together as parents its so beautiful.
    Deepest congrats again!! 👏🏼👏🏼🎉

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