In today’s Intentional Living Friday I’m talking about overcoming procrastination – and it’s not just about willpower or being a lazy millennial….


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  1. I think some of my procrastination comes from lack of setting intentions for the day, not estimating my time properly, and not including tasks or time for myself to do things I want to do. Also I found it has helped me to remember to not be so hard on myself if I don’t get everything done that I wanted to. I think mindfulness has also helped by not letting thoughts of fear and failure not get in the way from the present moment. It makes the days clearer.

  2. WOW This so resonated with me. Like everything everything about it. The procrastination, the poor self-talk after the procrastination, I so so hear that my oh my. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Thank you very much for this. Timing couldn't have been better. I was always struggling with procrastination and especially with overthinking. Instead of focusing on positive aspects I would think about everything that can go wrong. But one day I just switched my mindset. I told somebody about my dream and with their support I started pursuing it. Of course in baby steps.
    And now I'm moving to Spain for a year! Dreams really do come true if you help them a little bit 😉

  4. I’d love to see a video on how to live within the world we do. You touched on it at the very beginning regarding our generation (millennials)… I find myself going down spirals of negative, hopeless thoughts that my anxiety builds on because a lot of those fears are realities (such as housing crisis, low wages, high education fees, climate change, etc etc). How do we find the hope and joy in the midst of all this chaos, especially when we’re bombarded with information all the time? Love this video, btw!

  5. I find that the main reason why we have a hard time doing the «adult things » is for two reasons: anxiety and the need to do more and more faster.

    Anxiety: like you said, we have so much more information now and it gets our brain in a constant state of stress and stimulation and advertisement know that they use that to keep us alert and focused on what they wanna sell… but at the end of the day, it only make us more mentally tired and anxious for no apparent reason. We also have so muuuch more pressure to succeed and more eyes on us than ever before… we are constantly taking to someone, we need to be reachable all the time, we need to be perfect like we see in the media. That’s what we are thought from a young age… compare to how my mother was raised, it’s just crazy insane the amount of pressure that we have that she didn’t… I’m not saying they were stress free I’m just saying that having the world open up to us through media and the internet is a magical thing but also is not easy to get a hang of and use in a balanced way. We will get there but we have fallen victim to the trap of every new invention: doing it too much or using it too much.

    Having to do more and more:
    The other thing is what I discovered recently. Why was I too lazy to do the laundry or the dishes? I wasn’t. I was willing to work none stop on other things that made me feel like I was accomplishing something. But the damn dishes? There is no shortcut… the laundry either.. you just have to do it and it takes a bit of time. But I realized that these task were annoying to me because I wanted to do them more efficiently and quicker! But they couldn’t be done like that… I wasn’t appreciating the time I took to clean my space.

    I was watching a documentary on animal (planet earth II) and saw the bower bird. A bird who spends literally half his day cleaning his space and making it pretty for his female. He doesn’t do it to do it quickly, he does it and appreciate doing it (you know what I mean).

    I thought, maybe we are not supposed to do it too quickly. Maybe we are supposed to actually appreciate the cleaning of our space. I realized that it actually made me more relaxed when I took the time to clean instead of seeing it like a shore, I now see it as a moment of self love just like taking care of myself, my body, my hair… my space is a part of me. Me life and how I take care of everything is a part of me. I want to try to stop thinking of doing more and more in less time but instead, doing what needs to be done for my life to be balanced and enjoy doing it, even if it takes time.

  6. Hi Ingrid! I love if you could make a video about your relationship with finances. Which steps you take to have a healthy relationship with them (specially now that you bought a home!)? And a little bit of your financial journey as a millennial woman! Thank you 🙏

  7. This video is so helpful! The way you broke down each “island” of procrastination and what it really means for you is allowing me to do the same for myself! Looking forward to more Intentional Living Fridays! ✨☺️

  8. Thank you so much for this video! I'm usually bored with procrastination videos in which having this bullet journal is miraculous whereas it is not if you're an hardcore procrastinator. I'm entering my last year at uni in two weeks and I'm happy to have finally found a video in which my fears/anxieties were told to me. It's so hard to get out of the shaming boat. Thank you xoxo

  9. <3 I love your analogies about the different kinds of islands.. Could not have said it better! To me, especially the "community-island" is thought-provoking since i have only recently started to realize the meaning of a community to me, and how important that is in every way… Also really appreciate you speaking so honestly/ openly about everything in your life! I'm personally on the path of learning how to not only talk openly about feelings etc. — but also learning how to be better at receiving other people's emotions and opinions in a more honest/ open way… Definitely a challenging but also very rewarding and interesting process for a late-bloomer like myself. 😀 Big hugs all the way from Finland!

  10. I know this is for more general life advice but I'm going to try and use it for uni assignments this semester. I have a few big ones over the next 10 weeks and I know I need to start now so I don't leave myself with no time. So I guess I need to do as you say and break it down into the smaller processes. Any other advice for school specifically? Thanks Ingrid 🙂

  11. I can't lie, I stopped watching your videos for the longest just bc I was going to YouTube more for food vids and like super comical content and tonight I just decided to click on this 1 bc the title struck my attention and I just wanna say thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I know it isn't easy to just let others in and bc I know that, I can relate to someone else who kinda is going through the same thing and it doesn't make me feel so down or alone and that feels really fucking great and relieving. So thank you Ingrid🙏

  12. 100% relate to this. I "prcrastinate" (I hate that word actually) all the time. Literally about everything…things that I know if I don't do now will be worse off later….like not paying parking fines or bills to little things like not sending a quick email or not going to the gym. Then I get to a day where I try to get all those things done and I obviously cannot because it's a mountain so then I feel worse and end up procrastinating more. It is a never ending horrible cycle and sometimes I feel very alone in it and people are just confused as to why I wouldn't just do this easy task. I am working on solutions but I do not feel i have found one that works for me quite yet so thanks for this video !

  13. Omg this make me feel so much more normal, I procrastinated for over 6 months to get an appointment with psychologist for my ADHD, and just picking the phone was so stressful, I felt like I was about to jump from an airplane!
    I agree saying things out loud does help.
    Whenever I need to do things that I found dreadful, I try to do them right away before I go into procrastination mode, and ounce it’s done I feel better about myself which motivates me to keep going.

    Thanks for sharing what you’re going through and please keep theses videos coming ❤️

  14. One way I have procrastinated in my life in the last few years is also in avoiding regular doctors visits. At first I began avoiding going to the doctors because I didn't have insurance or a lot of money, and it didn't feel wise to rack up any possible debt when there was no pressing need to go the doctor. But then I did get insurance and a better job, and I started feeling anxious about using the insurance I had because of the fear of the doctor telling me something I didn't want to hear about my health after being out of the loop so long. I have been so proud of myself in the last few months that I have had a physical, three dentist visits to straighten out some dental issues, and an eye appt to get an updated glasses/contacts prescription. At some point, burying my head in the sand started to feel scarier than just confronting any possible issues.

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