Rick Steves & # 39; Du lịch Địa Trung Hải


Kiểm tra đài truyền hình công cộng địa phương của bạn để xem tập phim Châu Âu của Rick Steves hoặc xem trên …


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  1. Like you said, cruising is not for everyone and watching this video confirms it is not for me. One the best things about my recent trip to France was dinners at the bistros which were literally the best meals I've eaten. On a ship, I would have missed out. I also don't like crowds of people. But I can understand how some people might like a cruise

  2. Hi Rick, i have been waiting for your posts after watching all your episodes in the past, am a paralytic patient, i could not dream of visiting all over the world to fullfill my dream of encircling the world, but in these difficult times, you videos come in as handy to virtually watch many parts of the world, no words to thank you si much, after watching this video, i am further assured of watching many other parts on other side of globe by virtually sitting at home without bothering t take strain and hardship to visit all those remote places from where i Live, India, hats off to you, may God give you long life to fullfill the dreams of persons like me,

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