SUMMER FAVORITES (beauty products + what to read)


Today I bring you guys my summer lovin’ all-time favs ~ Thanks to the OG Audible for keeping your girl smart and on her toes 24/7. To join in on…


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  1. Physical exfoliants don’t do anything they actually cause more harm than good since they create micro-abrasions. You need chemical exfoliants and if your esthetician didn’t recommend AHAs or BHAs for exfoliating, find another person to do your facials.

  2. Jenn, it’s like you heard my prayers when I said I was looking for a new thriller 😂 the synopsis sounds INSANE gonna look for it ASAP thanks so much! Been watching you forever 🥰😂

  3. Can I recommend an audiobook series? If you like psychological thriller you might like them. It's called Samantha Willerby Mystery Series, and it's written by A. J. Waines who also wrote Girl on a Train.

  4. my summer faves are
    -Function of Beauty custom shampoo and conditioner–the peach scent is intoxicating and it's helping me regain my curls!
    -Drunk Elephant Protini moisturizer has my skin all glowy
    -Summertime in Paris by Jaden and I Wish by Hayley Kiyoko are my fav songs right now
    -the Fruits Basket 2019 anime reboot (is so Good)

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