Hãy thay đổi địa chỉ của Tháp Trump thành Đại lộ Obama


James Corden xem xét các tin tức trong ngày, bao gồm cả Tổng thống Donald Trump lùi lại từ mức thuế được đề xuất đối với hàng hóa do Trung Quốc sản xuất, …


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  1. You can easily tell who the trumpsters are…they didn't watch the video before commenting.
    And now they are here complaining about Obama and "lib" Corden, showing the world what idiots they all are. 😎

  2. Let's name the street after the man that bailout Wallstreet and Banks, left people homeless and without their doctor, the man that deported more people and prosecuted more journalists than all of the presidents in history combined, the whitest president in history that ruin African American neighborhoods and turned his beloved Chicago to Beirut, the actual man that build cages for the little children at the boarder and armed cartels, the man that bomb additional five countries and left American soldiers stranded in Benghazi.

  3. Woah guys! You forgot the part you advertised and I was dying to hear those jokes. That's the most brilliant idea I've heard all year. It would drive Trump crazy…Ok, well crazier than usual.

  4. Obama was the absolute worst president in my life. He added $9 Trillion dollars in debt. Trump has only added $2 trillion. Even if you split Obama’s $9 trillion you still have over two times what trump has added.

  5. I love that video, It was so Great!

    I will watch some videos to YouTube as long as we can.

    Good Job!

    This comment was Fine.

    The Video is about Donald Trump, Who is going to China for a long time. That President was Fantastic.

    Fun times for Obama and Trump.

    But, if you want to watch it, Please do it now.

    Thank you.


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