Nghệ sĩ ánh sáng Alex Dowis vẽ nên câu chuyện truyền cảm hứng trong HOÀN TOÀN DARKNESS! – Tài năng của Mỹ năm 2019


Alex Dowis trở lại với một tác phẩm nghệ thuật rực rỡ về sự tiến hóa của loài người! »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng Mỹ của Mỹ: Download» …


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  1. This is beautiful. I’ve been watching this show for so many years and it’s a shame that singers really just come to take over the show. They have so many shows for singers that I’m not sure why they let them audition here because I’d rather watch people like this compete in the one place they can.

  2. I think he’s pretty incredible. One thing I thought about while watching: humans owe other animals a huge apology for ruining this planet. I am SO disappointed in the human race. But hopefully we go extinct and then, in a thousand years or so, it’ll be like we were never here. And humans never should’ve evolved because they’re maybe the most destructive creatures in the Universe. We should be so ashamed of ourselves.

  3. Did he just try to make it seem like evolution is real and we all come from monkeys and it wasn't God Almighty that creates us 🤔….😂🤣😅…. Get out of here with that man…. Boy the media know how to try and put over their lies and mind control…. Don't believe what you just seen folks… It's JESUS CHRIST/GOD or nothing at all…

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