Những tiếng nói về dịch vụ mang đến một bản "KIỂM TRA" HẤP DẪN của tác giả Gavin Degraw – America's Talent 2019


Voices of Service mang đến sự rực rỡ với một điệp khúc quân sự đại diện cho cả 5 chi nhánh quân sự. »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng của Mỹ: …


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  1. Voices of service: Although you sang wonderfully, it was so REFRESHING to get to see you treat our flag so respectfully and lovingly in the film that was played before you performed this time on AGT! Thank you! I was so happy at the treatment of our flag, I cried. Well done!

  2. America still waits for the military to eliminate all sexual assault, sexual harassment and the male supremacy behind the attacks on our own female service members. Won't it be great when we can confidently say, "Thank you for your service.," and know we aren't thanking a rapist or rape-supporter?

  3. I love this group so much, and it was another incredible performance. But this is a perfect example of why I stop liking AGT when they get to the live shows each year. The show over produces the crap out of each live performance, and these guys don't need that. They're perfect with just their four voices. But they of course nailed the singing once again tonight.

  4. I appreciate their service and they are definitely great Americans. Heck, I’m a Republican so I like people in the military more than most. However, I’m just not the biggest fan of their music. They are far from bad; it’s just that it’s not my thing. So in my opinion they have already gone too far and have taken a position from someone probably more worthy. But I vote logically and not with emotion, something that I wish would return to Americans. Good luck with that in a post-Oprah-Winfrey emotionally-driven world.

  5. I absolutely love it! So inspirational! I love you guys so much! Thank you for service, and sharing your talent with this amazing performance! I can’t explain, but it’s exactly what I needed right now! I’m in tears and can’t stop listening to you guys! You stole the show for me! I can’t say it enough… Thank you so much!

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