Sophie Pecora thể hiện một bài hát gốc tuyệt vời, "Happy in LA" – America's Talent 2019


Sophie Pecora 15 tuổi hát từ trái tim với bài hát gốc "Happy In LA". »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng của Mỹ: …


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  1. Honestly I don’t think she is that great of singer or songwriter. She does all of these cliche songs and her talent is less about singing and more about pulling on the heartstrings of people by having a song about bullying. She is also riding on the fact she is “Unique”, but in reality there are hundreds and hundreds of girls just like writing these
    Cliche songs with a mediocre voice. This is not a Vegas show or show at all because people will get bored and tired with the mediocre singing and cliche songs.

    Another unpopular opinion is about Grace Vanderwaal she rose the fact sh e was “unique” when again there are so many people who sound like her.

    They both should be cancelled

  2. This song works better as poetry. Her voice does not sound like a singing voice to me. Her guitar doesn't seem to match to what she's singing and sounds random.

    Now, she has potential as an artist. She can grow and develop a singing voice because that's what she needs to work on the most if she is a singer. Or she can be a poet. But, in this competition, she HAS to grow in her voice, it just sounds like she's talking and that is just me speaking my thoughts.

    Not my favorite act, but she does have potential if she's able to grow to be better.

  3. Not really good but she at least has one point, if your not happen where you are, you wont be happy in LA. Probably because of the taxes, homeless, poo everywhere on the streets, lack of water, or it could be that you have to have 4 jobs just to make ends meat..maybe? I would say just stay where you are and VOTE the peeps out of office and VOTE the ones in that will change it.

  4. I love Sophie's singing and her spirit. She's got an incredible career ahead of her. She's a gift, performing original music at age 15, not being pretentious, just being herself, and very talented. That is wonderful

  5. to be honest she can go somewhere. i personally think she just needs a vocal coach. everyone is saying how it gives them grace vanderwaal vibes but i don't really see it. sophia has potential but there's something missing about her

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