Sofie Dossi, Brian King Joseph và Bianca Ryan trở lại cho một chương trình EPIC! – Tài năng của Mỹ năm 2019


WOW! Cựu sinh viên AGT Sofie Dossi, Brian King Joseph và Bianca Ryan collab trong một màn trình diễn không có thực! Nghe nhạc mới của Bianca Ryan: …


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  1. LETS NOT FORGET THAT BRIAN IS IN CHRONIC PAIN THE WHOLE TIME which makes this even more amazing😩Shoutout to everyone out there suffering with an invisible illness🥄 He’s so talented even without Neuropathy but the fact that he can’t feel his fingers makes playing violin even harder and makes me remember why it’s called America’s Got TALENT.

  2. Sofie Dossi is Awesome naturally…. while Bianca Ryan has not aged well and w/ too much Flash and Smashing Drums covering her voice, there's plenty of former singers that should easily be there like Grace Vanderwaal! Brian King Joseph? Yeah… but none here tonight has a chance against this season's contestants except Sofie Dossi! Shin Lim could shut down Joseph in a 1 on 1 contest any day!

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