Trở thành tổng thống bằng cách nào đó khiến Trump phải trả giá


James Corden xem tin tức trong ngày, đáng chú ý là Tổng thống Donald Trump nói với đám đông những người ủng hộ rằng "điều này" đang khiến ông phải trả giá …


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  1. He's a rich white man born into a life of privilege; his father left him millions upon millions and the electoral college awarded him an undeserved position in the highest office in the country and yet, he bitches and complains about everything non-f'n-stop! It's nauseating. He is a whinny little bitch.

  2. Comoooo ! Don't put words in my mouth. What Donald meant was " the presidency is more valuable than money. Thay he can sacrifice 3 billions for the sake of the people. True or not. It is what he meant.

  3. I don't think Trump had spent a single dime from his own money since he became the 'Occupant '. In fact he had used his position to gain wealth locally and internationally to facilitate certain deals or to invest internationally .

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