Chiến tranh thương mại của Trump đang hủy hoại nền kinh tế Hoa Kỳ


Tổng thống Trump, người có 15 tháng để giữ cho nền kinh tế không bị sụp đổ trước cuộc bầu cử tiếp theo, đang chọn cách đổ lỗi cho giới truyền thông về chứng khoán …


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  1. Trump does a bellyflop into a pool. Is splashes everyone, and everything near by soaking them to the bone. When asked why he would do that he says…

    Trump: it wasn't the tremendously awesome dive I did. It was the waters fault.

  2. Fake news. Spent 75% of time on bs n after 5% on the economy n the rest bs again. Honestly never thought would say this about Stephen but really ithought u knew better.

    The trade war put in place by president trump is in the best intrest of USA dispite the overblown so called short term shortcomings. Honestly its okay with u that China EU and other states eat the meal n put the bill on us? The president n idiffer on many many matters but on this one 100% behind the president and his America 1st policy backed by tariffs and restrictions on free lunch on America through the world whether NATO or… .js

  3. By the end of his term in office, trump will wish he drank the ‘delicious mercury’ from his ‘Anti-Recession Elixir’, although he must’ve sampled it already because his behavior so far is a testament to its effectiveness. 🥴

  4. This monologue literally lowered my blood pressure. My doctor and insurance company appreciate that. I just want to know how to fall asleep now, if I'm not crying myself to sleep over that guy? Still appreciative of the BP lowering.

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