Lễ hội châu Âu tôi


Kiểm tra đài truyền hình công cộng địa phương của bạn để xem tập phim Châu Âu của Rick Steves hoặc xem trên …


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  1. As always a wonderful video, informative with excellent videography. As I've said before, if you ever come to Tenerife, look me up. I'd love to show you around and if you're into festivals, come during the carnaval season! The carnaval in our capital, Santa Cruz, is the second largest in the world, right after Rio.

  2. I really like those old fashion holidays with the religious floats going down old narrow streets followed by fireworks on Easter. Hey maybe we can try that in the US somewhere. All we need to do is get the liberal democrats to go along with it.

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