Này, các bạn! (WATCH IN HD) Colourpop gần đây đã gửi cho tôi bộ sưu tập kem nổi bật và má hồng mới nhất của họ và tôi muốn cho bạn biết suy nghĩ của tôi về …


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  1. Taking a moment to talk about how HARD it was for me to film & edit this video. I had the worst anxiety yesterday & I paused filming this video twice just to scream & cry. I had so many racing thoughts I couldn’t even form sentences correctly… I can’t even explain it to you because it came out of no where for no reason. Anxiety will do that sometimes. It took me a lot longer to edit this because I stuttered A LOT more than I usually do. Anyway hahah super random but I just wanted to let you know, we all have days where we just wanna scream and cry & that’s ok. Life is about pushing through them though. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy this video!!! Regardless of all the jump cuts lol

  2. Did Colourpop reformulate your collab-ed baby, Aquarius Lippie Stix? I recently watched a swatch video of their new Big Box of Lippie Stix, and Aquarius appeared to be at least 3 shades lighter from the original! Still gorg, of course, but, wondering if I re-order the new Aquarius lippie, if it will be the same lighter pigmentation as in the Big Box… any thoughts or insights?

  3. hi kathleen!!! I wanted to comment to let you know how grateful I am for you and your channel. I just started to have a panic attack and needed to calm down so I immediately went to your channel. I know your anxiety is intense but you brighten my day every time you upload. Your authenticity, genuine care and love for your subs, and your happy energy is so warm and inviting. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do. much love for you kathleen 💛💛

  4. I use silicon sponges for creme blush & highlighter. They just tap on so nicely & they are super easy to travel with. If the blend isn't what I want, I just tap/blend it out w/a blending sponge. I also use them for applying rinse off masks from the jar so I don't have to put my fingers in there. I really like that you can wash them easily to keep my skin from breaking out and they are a great multi purpose tool for me, but I kno a lot of people don't like them. I really feel like it's a tool worth experimenting with since they last forever and you don't have to keep replacing them, so less waste of product and less beauty waste for the landfill,

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