Tạm biệt John Hickenlooper, Chúng tôi khó biết Ya


James Corden xem tin tức trong ngày, đáng chú ý là cựu giám đốc truyền thông Nhà Trắng Anthony Scaramucci tiếp tục chiến dịch tiêu cực …


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  1. Ok I dont like trump but honestly why do u care that he retweeted a funny wholesome video? It didnt hurt anyone and it shows he has a small part of his brain that's capable of telling clean jokes. When u hate on trump for dumb little things like this, it only makes me think u are really desperate for any content to hate trump on

  2. James ffs!
    Either fire your whole research team or stop doing these monologues.

    First of all Trump retweeted to show that he’s in support of Greta Thunberg, the “climate icon”.

    Also people get paid to play Pokémon Go for other people and make quite the money on it as well..

    I understand it’s for comedy but it’s so farfetched, unfunny and dumb that the question becomes if you’re capable enough.

  3. I don't know that particular brand of cereals, but if they advertise their cereals to be sweetened with actual honey (and the packshot with the honey "spoon" clearly indicates to that), then that woman has every right to sue them for false advertising.

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